October 27, 2020

Suresh Menon

  • Open The Club Gates
    Open The Club Gates

    The ICC must ditch ‘exclusive’ tag, start mentoring the ‘associates’

  • The Sweet Spot
    The Sweet Spot

    A 500-run feast? All sorts of heroics are possible this World Cup.

  • New Zealand Diary
    New Zealand Diary

    Bungee jumping reminds us of the essential absurdity of life. So does honking in a traffic jam.

  • Straight Drive Up The Ferrari
    Straight Drive Up The Ferrari

    Promises to be more than Sachin’s last—digressions and comments on personalities and sketches of other...

  • Loss Of Innocence
    Loss Of Innocence

    When the mobile phone became the symbol of match-fixing

  • May The 12th Man Save The Match
    May The 12th Man Save The Match

    It seems only the courts can set right the rot in a smug BCCI

  • A Long Benefit Of Clergy
    A Long Benefit Of Clergy

    The tacit quietus on any criticism of Sachin may just subside after his retirement

  • Everlasting Hits
    Everlasting Hits

    Who after Sachin can be both textbook and avant garde?

  • Set To English Music
    Set To English Music

    Astill examines India not only through the lurid glare of cricket, but also the crevices in which the...

  • New York Diary
    New York Diary

    “Do you want me to hold your wallet while you go and f*** yourself?”

  • When There’s A Towel In The Trousers
    When There’s A Towel In The Trousers

    A self-serving BCCI, an IPL without context. When sport becomes hostage to the basest in our nature, what...

  • Chennai Diary
    Chennai Diary

    Somebody had forgotten to tell the authorities on high that it was not supposed to rain in Chennai in...

  • In One Autumnal Face
    In One Autumnal Face

    A career’s end is also a requiem for our years locked in sunlit greens

  • A Backward Point Glance
    A Backward Point Glance

    The growing pains and glowing paeans, the giddying highs and Godawful lows. The saga of Indian cricket.

  • ‘Intensity Brought Me Success’
    ‘Intensity Brought Me Success’

    On what the game meant to him and the famous intensity that brought him success and criticism.

  • ‘Mugged In Rio! Send $$’
    ‘Mugged In Rio! Send $$’

    Being phone-hacked needn’t just be alarming. It can be riotous fun.

  • London Diary
    London Diary

    “Why am I not in this book?” Howard Jacobson, winner of the Man Booker Prize, wanted to know...

  • Man Become Mortar
    Man Become Mortar

    A true great, Dravid’s cricketing epitaph shall be his name alone

  • History Walked This Way
    History Walked This Way

    Indian cricket may be at the crossroads, but it’s no call to scoff at our great trinity

  • Back To Deuce?
    Back To Deuce?

    What if Tendulkar had stuck to his early passion, tennis? Would Indian cricket be the winning side it is...

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