April 20, 2021

Swami Agnivesh

  • 'Section 377 Violates Fundamental Human Rights'
    'Section 377 Violates Fundamental Human Rights'

    We, concerned Indian citizens, support the overturning of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, a...

  • The Hijackers Of Hinduism
    The Hijackers Of Hinduism

    Hindutva is pseudo-Hinduism. It can triumph only by hijacking and degrading our religion. The stormtroopers...

  • Cart Before The Horse
    Cart Before The Horse

    No religious community should be granted the right to pit its regressive practices against constitutional...

  • Pseudo-Religious Symbols
    Pseudo-Religious Symbols

    Anyone who has seen trishul-wielding Bajrang Dal or VHP activists in the context of communal outbursts will...

  • The Politics Of Death
    The Politics Of Death

    For us today, only deaths due to cross-border terrorism matter. We are callously apathetic to deaths...

  • Reforming Hinduism From Within
    Reforming Hinduism From Within

    It is a great pity that the radical spiritual legacy that Swami Dayanand enunciated as the Arya Samaj...

  • Holy Cow, Holy War
    Holy Cow, Holy War

    The lynching of the five Dalit youths in Haryana is not a local event. It is a symbolic pointer to the...

  • Corrupted Into Cults
    Corrupted Into Cults

    Cults are driven by falsehood; spirituality, by truth. Cults are allergic to debates; true religion, being an...

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