October 27, 2020

V. Gangadhar

  • Dr Vivek H. Murthy
    Dr Vivek H. Murthy

    This is going to be a tough job. Not too much of surgery but office work and answering mail. From India...

  • Raj And Simran
    Raj And Simran

    We have been running for 1,000 weeks, very soon, our statues will be erected in Delhi and Punjab.

  • A Most Suitable Job For A Woman
    A Most Suitable Job For A Woman

    Crime fiction queen P.D. James passes away at 94, leaves behind her immortal creation, Inspector Dalgliesh,...

  • Nathulal Vyas
    Nathulal Vyas

    Ramdev, Rampal, Asaram...and Nathulal. But unlike the first three, I am not a godman with palatial ashrams,...

  • N. Sreenivasan
    N. Sreenivasan

    When I resume as BCCI chief, I will see to it that Taliparamba is presented with a 50-over one-day...

  • Devendra Fadnavis
    Devendra Fadnavis

    For nearly 20 years I am a faithful follower of Hindutva, I have worked for the ABVP and RSS even while...

  • Roger Federer
    Roger Federer

    I take the family along wherever I go. They create the proper environment for my game.

  • Padmaja Bandaru
    Padmaja Bandaru

    Girl’s skirt shorter by 25 mm, first time: Rs 300 fine, second time: compulsory wearing of 9-yard saree for...

  • Chhagan Bhujbal
    Chhagan Bhujbal

    Two political parties in the state became four and each one of them could win the assembly elections and...

  • Dronacharya

    How can 85-year-old doddering idiots, who can neither lift nor string a Gandiva, head the Archery Federation...

  • Dharmendra

    With my kind of garam reputation, I have to keep several secret diaries. The most secret one is on Hemaji

  • Rajnath Singh
    Rajnath Singh

    Yes, I really did say I did not know what was meant by the phrase ‘love jehad’...

  • Abhishek Bachchan
    Abhishek Bachchan

    I work like Jeetendra in the 1970s, three shifts, non-stop/ producing, directing, guiding, managing and...

  • Shinzo Abe
    Shinzo Abe

    What is true of Godhra, should be true for India and also for Japan, 'Narubhai’, as I like to call him,...

  • Sharmila Tagore
    Sharmila Tagore

    I wish we had not instituted the Pataudi trophy. These blokes are scared of fast bowling and cannot even...

  • Aamir Khan
    Aamir Khan

    My PK poster (railway track, nude posterior and transistor et al) is my tribute to the Marilyn legend

  • Sachin Tendulkar
    Sachin Tendulkar

    I shall return to the House, sign my name and hope my arrears will be paid with retrospective effect and...

  • K. Natwar Singh
    K. Natwar Singh

    So far, 465 journalists have interviewed me though I am certain less than two per cent of them have actually...

  • Rajan Vichare
    Rajan Vichare

    Everyone paints the Shiv Sainiks as monsters. Baah! We are simple, kind and gentle folks...

  • Rohinton F. Dotiwala
    Rohinton F. Dotiwala

    Saala idiot log chhe! Cannot distinguish between dhoti, ‘doti’, ‘lungi’ and ‘veshti’.

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