April 10, 2021

William Dalrymple

  • Will Pakistan Survive?
    Will Pakistan Survive?

    Sixty years after its birth, India faces a number of serious problems, but Pakistan's problems are on a...

  • Plain Tales From British India
    Plain Tales From British India

    Two new books exemplify the polarised debate: one claims the British Empire was comparable to slavery and...

  • Rising, Falling
    Rising, Falling

    As we enter the 150th anniversary of 1857, William Dalrymple casts a new look at one of Indian history's most...

  • The Beatnik Before Christ
    The Beatnik Before Christ

    Bin Laden to Borges, via a sleeping Buddha's dreams. But has Mishra overreached in it all?

  • 'Sir Vidia Gets It Badly Wrong'
    'Sir Vidia Gets It Badly Wrong'

    William Dalrymple grants Naipaul his eminence, but challenges his jaundiced notions of Indian history

  • Best Of Books
    Best Of Books

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