April 21, 2021

Y.P. Rajesh

  • How The South Was Wooed
    How The South Was Wooed

    It was no sudden invasion. A modified brand of Hindutva has been breeding in the Deccan subsoil.

  • Warne-Ing Shane!
    Warne-Ing Shane!

    The Sheikh of Tweak is reduced to a squeak by Sachin. But the real Test is still to begin.

  • Congress On A High
    Congress On A High

    With the setback to the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, the Congress mood is upbeat especially after a high turnout of...

  • Karnataka: Soiled Appeal
    Karnataka: Soiled Appeal

    Seeking a resurrection Gowda plays the son of the soil card

  • Star-Studded Roadshow
    Star-Studded Roadshow

    Cinestars leave behind the glitz and glamour of tinsel town to take on the heat and dust of Elections '98,...

  • Rambo Swami Is No Saint
    Rambo Swami Is No Saint

    Belgian-born Guru Freddy trains the army, paramilitary forces, cadets and scouts at his self-powered gurukula

  • The Lost Electorate
    The Lost Electorate

    Totally blacked out by politicians, the huge young votebank is a disillusioned, disgusted lot

  • Failing To Make Capital
    Failing To Make Capital

    With the party organisation a shambles in the states, the Congress may not be able to cash in on Sonia's star...

  • Bet It's Hegde
    Bet It's Hegde

    The party is over for the only JD government in the country

  • Selling Sonia
    Selling Sonia

    With a whirlwind successful tour of the South, Sonia revives Congress hopes

  • The Female Factor
    The Female Factor

    Sonia's emotional appeal may strike a vote-winning chord among women

  • Captain Wreck
    Captain Wreck

    A weak team, a threatened crown, poor form, mistrust. Just how long can Sachin take this?

  • 'I Felt Sorry For Sachin'
    'I Felt Sorry For Sachin'

    MIKE Brearley, one of the game's greatest captains of all time, was in India last week for ITC's 'The Winning...

  • Denim & More
    Denim & More

    The latest Levi's ad is banking on controversy, a strategy fraught with risk

  • Grand Slam!
    Grand Slam!

    BigBig moolah comes to the mohallas as tennis-ball cricket goes corporate to the as -ball

  • Mallya Brews An International Blend
    Mallya Brews An International Blend

    The beer baron is all set to launch Kingfisher in the US. And that's only for starters.

  • Internecine Googlies
    Internecine Googlies

    After bearding Bindra in the BCCI den, Dalmiya starts off on a false note

  • The Up Virus Spreads
    The Up Virus Spreads

    The Congress base is fast eroding in every state, thanks to a befuddled think-tank and feuds

  • Welcome Disclosures
    Welcome Disclosures

    As money from VDISstarts flowing in, misgivings about the scheme give way to admiration

  • "The Evenings Are Boring Without Bacchus"

    Though he has never been known to hide his weakness for the big 'Ws', Karnataka chief minister J.H. Patel has...

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