October 21, 2020

Y.P. Rajesh

  • "The Evenings Are Boring Without Bacchus"

    Though he has never been known to hide his weakness for the big 'Ws', Karnataka chief minister J.H. Patel has...

  • Patel's Dry Spell
    Patel's Dry Spell

    The chief minister explains why he's off the bottle

  • Attritious Anonymous
    Attritious Anonymous

    A solitary source cannot take away Sachin's pads and gloves; besides who can replace him?

  • Messrs Doubtfire
    Messrs Doubtfire

    The knives are out. After the INSAT-2D setback, everyone's asking what is wrong with our space programme.

  • Inaction Replay
    Inaction Replay

    Veerappan's latest strike again catches the STF napping

  • Cradle To Grave?
    Cradle To Grave?

    The only JD state government totters amid worker-led acrimony

  • Space Jam
    Space Jam

    With two bird-hits in a week, ISRO trips at the threshold of its global commercial leap

  • Hot Tip Of The Iceberg
    Hot Tip Of The Iceberg

    Nationwide swoops reveal a massive betting network

  • A Permissive Feeling
    A Permissive Feeling

    Liberalisation enters urban Indian bedrooms as promiscuity sheds its purdah of guilt

  • Riot Over Rubble
    Riot Over Rubble

    A misunderstanding over a plot foments communal tension

  • Gowda's Isolation Club
    Gowda's Isolation Club

    Former PM Deve Gowda is fast running out of friends both at the Centre and in Karnataka

  • His Very Own Eden
    His Very Own Eden

    R. Dayananda Pai builds a dream garden off the metropolis

  • One-Day Mataram
    One-Day Mataram

    A greedy, stingy cricket board. Five wise men without vision. A passive captain. Xenophobia. The new Indian...

  • Born Free
    Born Free

    Outlook tracks down a group of Indians, who share their birthday with the nation

  • We, The Wretched
    We, The Wretched

    An open letter to Gujral on coping with the daily bribery grind

  • Come September...
    Come September...

    Post-surgery, Javagal Srinath aims to be fit for the Sahara Cup

  • Bandit's Barter
    Bandit's Barter

    Bandit king Veerappan retains the initiative in his surrender offer

  • The Lost Mudra Last
    The Lost Mudra Last

    Ever dancing a different step, Protima Gauri Bedi renounces her prosperous gurukul

  • "I'm Not Involved In JD Affairs"

    Former prime minister H.D. Deve Gowda may be out of power. But within the Janata Dal he has emerged as the...

  • Countdown To Cyberindia
    Countdown To Cyberindia

    Intel unleashes the largest computer campaign in history to nurture theIndian infotech market

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