January 17, 2021
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Archive Of Indian Music

Archive Of Indian Music


I was just going to add a short-take to the many posts on this subject in the blog, but it does seem like a special occasion to merit a post by itself. To our old listing of some of the best resources for Hindustani classical music, viz.

we can now add Vikram Sampath's "proposed Archive of Indian Music that would act as a repository for all kinds of vintage recordings of India--Hindustani and Carnatic music, folk, theatre, early cinema and voices of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Tagore etc and also of common Indians. These are largely 78 RPM shellacs  that have been digitized and restored..."

Set up as a private not-for-profit trust, the AOIM has been formed with the main objectives of:

  • To digitize and restore records and create a database of high quality and high fidelity recordings
  • To preserve these vintage recordings and make them available for listening to students, scholars, researchers, musicians and interested public
  • To enrich these recordings by sourcing additional information about them including biographical details of the artistes, photographs, gramophone record sleeve images and other materials of historical significance that document the era of the record

The first phase of the project is over and a pilot website is now up and running here, already featuring about 180 artists of yore and close to 600 clips. The entire listing of artists is available here.

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