April 13, 2021
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First An Eyewitness, Now A Blogger

First An Eyewitness, Now A Blogger

There was a bit of a flutter when a website called The Salman Khan Files was put up a couple of months back which explained itself thus:

But no one paid it much attention till yesterday there was a bit of a buzz in social media when journalist Soumyadipta Banerjee tweeted:

The blog post, simply titled 'Mr Salman Khan' as in the tweet, raised more questions than it answered, as this is all it said:

The last two days have been really excruciating for me.

I have received a communication from Mr Salman Khan. There I have been instructed to remove two blog posts that I have written about him.

Those articles have been removed from this blog.

Here’s a public apology to Mr Salman Khan for writing two blog posts that he didn’t consider appropriate.

I am taking a break from writing on this blog till I am in a proper frame of mind to write again.

I am really sorry.

He then followed it up with:

As was inevitable, the Streisand Effect took over, and the cached Google pages have since been doing the rounds and have already got far more attention than they would have otherwise, as they pertain to the prime witness in the hit and run case against Salman Khan, constable Ravindra Patil.

And this is what Soumyadipta Banerjee wrote in his blog entry that has since been removed:

In the 2002 hit-and-run case of Salman Khan, the man who found himself in the epicenter of the controversy, was the prime witness of the case — constable Ravindra Patil.

Those close to Patil admitted that he was under enormous pressure to change his statement.

There were many who wanted Patil to change his statement. They preferred that Patil maintain that Salman leaned back to listen to him seconds before he lost control of the wheel. This would mean that the accident was caused by a ‘human error’ and not because he was drunk.  Some people wanted him to say that Salman was not drunk at the time of the accident.

Whatever be the case, Patil did not change his statement till the last day...

During 2006, when the examination of witnesses was on, Salman had hired the best lawyers in Mumbai who were all charged up to cross-examine Patil. But then, something unexpected happened. Patil just ran away one evening. His brother lodged a missing report about Patil at a local police station.

Day after day, Patil chose to skip court dates because he didn’t want to face the defence lawyer. Soon, Patil came under scrutiny of the court because he remained absent at the court hearings. The court proceedings were stuck because Patil was absent in the witness-box. It also came to light that he had run away without applying for leave.

In a strange twist of fate, a man who had actually lodged the first information report against Salman Khan now had an arrest warrant issued against him for not turning up at court hearings. The arrest warrant was issued after he failed to appear for five consecutive court dates.

As the judge ordered that he be arrested and produced in court, his seniors at the police force simultaneously approved that Patil be sacked from his job because he was absent from duty. His seniors chose to ignore the fact that technically Patil was ‘missing’ and not ‘absent’ according to their own records.

Nobody was interested in knowing why he had run away from his house. Or, why the same person who was so forthcoming in lodging a complaint against a Bollywood star like Salman Khan, didn’t want to take the witness-box. Patil was never put under any witness protection programme.

Read more about the tragic death of Constable Patil at the web cache of the blog which is available here as well as posted elswhere, this just being one of them.

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