April 21, 2021
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Heartbroken, Are We, Mr. Murthy?

Heartbroken, Are We, Mr. Murthy?
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Heartbroken, Are We, Mr. Murthy?

Infosys founder N R Narayana Murthy today joined a host of eminent personalities, writers and academicians to voice his concerns about the growing intolerance in India.

Expressing his concerns, Narayana Murthy said:

I am not a politician, I am not interested in politics, therefore, I don't want to comment on that but the reality today is that there is considerable fear in the minds of minority in India

The first priority of this government, or for that matter any government, both at the Central level and the state level, is to bring back the confidence, the energy, the enthusiasm, the trust in the minds of every Indian that this is our country, I have all the rights here, I am very safe here and therefore I will work towards the betterment of India.

No country has ever made any progress unless there is no distrust, there is no fear, unless the majority community doesn't oppress the minority community, doesn't want the minority community to do what it wants etc.

One can imagine Narayana Murthy's disappointment with the Modi government considering how taken he was with it even a few months back.

Narayana Murthy had been full of praise for Modi and his Gujarat model of development even before the latter became prime minister. In fact, when asked if the Gujarat riots would stop Mr. Modi from becoming the Prime Minister., this is what Mr. Narayana Murthy had said:

I have worked with Mr. Narendra Modi. I have met him several times. I have tremendous respect for what he has done in Gujarat. We must all give credit where it is due...we've had riots in Delhi. As long as people recognise their mistakes, as long they are willing to show a sense of contrition, I think that should be fine. After all, no human being is perfect. There have been lots of riots in India. So the important thing is for us to say, we will correct whatever happened, we will move forward in a positive way...whoever is the best as far as development based on a secular democracy is concerned should be our leader.

Narayana Murthy who is a key leader of India Inc. continued to urge people to rally behind Modi even post elections:

A lot of good things that are happening. We must all be with the PM and support him and if we continue doing things with a sense of alacrity, with a sense of efficiency and I am sure we will make tremendous progress.

And he was full of praise for Modi the administrator whose handiwork is so evident in Gujarat's cities. (Villages were never in the picture)

Mr. Modi has been acknowledged as one of the finest administrators in the country. There is no doubt about it....Now I don't know how it is in the human resources indices, like nutrition healthcare etc, so I am not in a position to comment, in terms of rural children, etc etc but as someone who has visited Ahmedabad and Baroda, I must say that he has done a very good job.

What happened, Mr. Narayana Murthy? Heartbroken, are we?

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