April 14, 2021
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Holi Playlist, 2011

Holi Playlist, 2011

So our tradition of playlists on Holi continues. The above is still a work in process and I had meant to arrange it properly and link other versions and then post with more details and notes on the early 1900s songs of Gauhar Jan and Mohammad Bandi, but a Twitter hashtag #HoliBaithak started by   P1J and @namrata_joshi has resulted in this rushed playlist.

I haven't yet included any of the many wonderful songs posted by others, but one tweeted by @uttaras desfinitely deserves to be included:

Kumar Gandharva's Rang Na Daro Shyamji

For previous playlists, just follow the tag Holi at the bottom of this post. I will try and include those also in the above updated list, as some of the musicindiaonline links seem to have changed.

  1. Gauhar Jaan: 1905: Alwar ke Kanhaiya...Raag Sindh Kafi, Hori
  2. Gauhar Jaan: 1905: Mere Husraat ne Madeene mein manayi Holi...
  3. Mohammad Bandi Holi (Hori) 1907 
  4. Achhan Bai (Achhanbai) Song Holi 1910
  5. Achhan Bai (Achhanbai) Sings Holi in Rag Kafi 1910
  6. Indubala - na maro pichkari Old Indian Hindi Song Music
  7. K L Saigal holi| main jo dinan ki thori by ambindia
  8. K L Saigal holi 2 | jin jao gori aaj paniya bharan by ambindia
  9. Begum Akhtar: Holi Khail'an Kaisay Ja'un.
  10. Shobha Gurtu - Main to kheluungii
  11. Shobha Gurtu - Hori Khelan Kaise Jau
  12. Shobha Gurtu - Dadr- Rangi Saari Gulabi
  13. Shobha Gurtu - Kesariya Rang Daro
  14. Koushik Bhattacharya - Rangi Saari Gulabi
  15. Birju Maharaj - Kanha Khelo Kahan Aise Hori
  16. Sitara Devi - Bansi Bachawat
  17. Lata - Meerabai - Kinu sang khelu holi
  18. Geeta Dutt - Baat Chalat
  19. Rafi- Baat Chalat
  20. Shafqat Ali Khan - Baat Chalat - Tribute to his father Salaamat Ali Khaansaheb
  21. Girija devi - udat abeer gulal ( holi song )
  22. Girija Devi: Tum To Karat Barjori, Raag Kafi, Hori
  23. Aabida Parveen - Aaj piya holi khelan aaya
  24. Surendra Kumar - Mein To Khaloon Unhi Sang Holi Goiyan- Kajri
  25. Surendra Kumar - Phagun Aaeyl Re Ude Rang Abir Gulal - Kajri
  26. Surendra Kumar - Main To Kheloo Unhi Sang Holi
  27. Ustad Rashid Khan - Raag Basant
  28. Pandit - Bhimsen Joshi - Raga Basant - Bandish In Teental - Fagawa Brij Dekhan Ko
  29. Chhannulal Mishra: Khelein Masane Me Hori [Suggested also by Namrata Joshi]

#1 to 6 are special as they are both from the first decade of 1900s. Indubala, Mohammad Bandi and Achhan Bai were contemporaries of the legendary Gauhar Jaan, prima donna of early recordings of Indian music, about whom of course much has been written and said lately.

P1j suggested an Asha Bhosle companion song to  #15, Lata's Meera bai: Kaa Sang Kheluun Phaag

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