April 16, 2021
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Naa Maaro Pichkaari...

Naa Maaro Pichkaari...

Continuing with our Holi playlist of last year, here are some more songs in celebration:

Jahangir Celebrates Holi. A single folio from the Minto Album. Artist unknown, c. 1635. Colored pigments and gold on paper. [Photo: © The Trustees of The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin]

Earlier playlist:


Update: Fixed non-working sawf links to Rajan Parrikar's site

with a big thanks to rajan p. parrkar's excellent pages at sawf, musicindiaonline.com and patrick moutal's indian music page.

note: hirabai barodekar is the only song that you'd have to download; the rest would play from your default real player.

Radha celebrating Holi, c1788. (digitally enhanced version) Kangra, India. c1788
Source: Victoria Albert Museum

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