April 22, 2021
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On Twitter: #ModiExams #ModiSir

On Twitter: #ModiExams #ModiSir
On Twitter: #ModiExams #ModiSir
“All schools may make arrangements to assemble students from 2.30 pm to 4.45 pm in order that the children may view the prime minister’s address on TV.... A feedback would be taken immediately after on the number of children and schools who were able to view or listen to (it).”

—Aug 27 circular sent by the HRD ministry to state education secretaries

Was attending school for the PM's Teacher's Day speech mandatory? Was it not? It didn't matter. It all happened on Twitter, starting with a Delhi school announcing a test on the speech:

"the key points of the Prime Minister's address are to be noted and learnt...the weightage accorded to evaluate will be a question of 02 marks each related to the Prime Minister's address." And of course it made to Twitter. From then to the speech and after, Twitterati had a ball


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