January 16, 2021
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The Island Of Delusion

The Island Of Delusion

Santosh Desai in the Times of India:

“After 18 long and hectic days, we have finally finished shooting The Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2013... super experience” tweeted an understandably fatigued Sidhartha Mallya a couple of weeks ago to his followers.  As we all know from personal experience, it is difficult and no doubt incredibly stressful, to have to choose girls in bikinis for calendars; only the truly worthy can make it and the process needs to be rigorous and transparent, given the enormity of the stakes involved. Vijay Mallya himself has not in the country, having been last seen publicly, if reports are to be believed, overseeing the hub of his business empire - his thriving racing car franchise- at a crucial motorcycling event in Korea. The employees of his airline have been busy too, thinking about their futures, and wondering if their past dues will ever be settled, now that the company seems to be winding down. Everyone has problems, it seems...

The Mallyas are not alone in being able to separate their sense of fun from the collapse of their reputations. Robert Vadra, too showed us how a sense of humour need not get buried under a few allegations of impropriety. He too, went social with wit and unerring timing; giving us a glimpse of his view of the people that have put his in-laws in power as well as of the country as a whole. It does take some gall to call the country ruled by one’s family for generations a banana republic, and it is clear that along with muscles, abs, biceps, triceps and other items of musculature, all of which have been well documented, Vadra  possesses cheek in ample measure.

Read the full article at the Times of India: The Island of Delusion

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