August 06, 2021
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The Most Trusted Ally

The Most Trusted Ally

Seema Chishti in the Indian Express: Jagan on its mind

...suddenly, what was kosher when YSR was alive, and what seemed to be serving the direct interests of the party, was enough to alert the most trusted ally of the coalition, the CBI. The CBI then charged him in several unrelated cases and saw it proper to finally jail him in a disproportionate assets case. How assiduous the CBI has been in other similar cases is a matter of public record. It will be hard to establish that the CBI is acting under undue pressure, but justice certainly appears most selective and is not seen to be done...

The last time Andhra felt slighted by a perceived insult to its chief minister on an airport tarmac — it led to the subsequent emergence of the TDP — there were consequences for national politics. The imprint lasted for at least 20 years. This time if the ruling party again believes it can get away with taking Jagan on, by insinuating that what had happened when YSR was around was okay but not anymore, then it may be in for a rude shock.

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