September 28, 2020
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The Rape Of Politics

The Rape Of Politics

Ahmed Ali Fayyaz revisits the disgrace of Shopian where the shocking deaths of two young women were manipulated and presented as a case of rape and murder by the security forces. When one of the doctors confessed to forging the vaginal samples, it genuinely shocked many in Kashmir, along with the activists in Delhi ? after all she had sworn upon the Quran. Now another of the doctors involved in the Shopian stands accused: 

Within months, yet another government official---this time a doctor on whose evidence stood the “rape-cum-murder” of the Shopian duo---has been found to have outraged the chastity of a hapless woman at his clinic at the nearby district headquarters of Pulwama. There are few differences between the two. First one was fully based on surmise, speculation and perception. Post mortem reports of two teams of doctors made it an explosive case of gang rape and murder. Actors need not to be searched in such kind of incidents in the strife torn Valley. Second one has been purportedly shot on camera and the actor stands not only identified but also placed under suspension, arrested and jailed.

... why an uproar on Shopian and a silence of convenience on Pulwama? The biggest poser of the cruel times in Kashmir: Is it the outfits of an actor that categorizes rapes in the Valley? Had the Pulwama actor been in Khaki, would the Kashmiri politicians have maintained this silence. The questions ahead: Are the Kashmiri female politicians concerned over the outrage of the modesty of hapless women by government officials or are they exploiting such incidents selectively to create space for themselves in the politics of deceit and camouflage that has had a bullish market from New Delhi to Islamabad?....

Until yesterday, the big question was: How could the two women have drowned to death in “ankle deep waters” of Rambiara ? After CBI exonerated all the four Policemen and filed a chargesheet against 13 persons, including six doctors---notably then deputy Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Ghulam Qadir Sofi, now booked for raping a woman at his clinic---a bigger question surfaced: How do the gang rapes in Valley take place while leaving hymen of an unmarried woman intact? Now a far bigger question: Is it all politics on rape or rape of politics---to spare the rapists in civvies and target only the rapists in uniform?

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