February 26, 2021
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Wikileaks: The 2008 Attack on the Indian Embassy in Kabul

Wikileaks: The 2008 Attack on the Indian Embassy in Kabul

The Wikileaks documents, based on which the NYT, the Guardian and Der Spiegel have carried simultaneous but independent reports, are being described as the biggest Intelligence Leak in history. Given the sheer numbers (said to be 92,000 individual reports), it is going to be quite some time before the available documents can be properly analysed, but the NYT report  provides the following that would be of interest to India, even if these details have already been known and discussed widely:

American officials have rarely uncovered definitive evidence of direct ISI involvement in a major attack. But in July 2008, the C.I.A.’s deputy director, Stephen R. Kappes, confronted Pakistani officials with evidence that the ISI helped plan the deadly suicide bombing of India’s Embassy in Kabul.

From the current trove, one report shows that Polish intelligence warned of a complex attack against the Indian Embassy a week before that bombing, though the attackers and their methods differed. The ISI was not named in the report warning of the attack

In other instances, American intelligence learned that the Haqqani network sent bombers at the ISI’s behest to strike Indian officials, development workers and engineers in Afghanistan. Other plots were aimed at the Afghan government.

While the NYT (from which the above has been taken) has blanked out "Some names and details" "to conceal suspects' identities, or because they might put people in danger or reveal key tactical military capabilities", it is possible that the Wikileaks site may have the original documents. Haven't checked there yet.

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