Issue Of The Year: Faith or its absence
From The Editor

Outlook's Choice As Issue Of The Year: Faith—Or Its Absence

Faith—or its absence—has truly been one recurrent theme running through most of the major news headlines of the year.

Ruben Banerjee
A rational idea of spirituality can heal the split personality syndrome afflicting humanity. Reason is a country India has always belonged to.
Purushottam Agrawal
USSR disintegrated, Bangladesh split from Pakistan and UK is under pressure from Scotland and Ireland, but India has remained despite its enormous diversity. Dr Krishna Gopal, the joint-secretary of the RSS, explains the reasons.
Dr Krishna Gopal
There is no controversy that the biggest problem facing the judiciary is the number of pending cases.
Madan B. Lokur
Do not abuse the trust or faith of any sizeable section of citizens, even BR Ambedkar had warned the rulers, reminds senior journalist Harish Khare
Harish Khare
Our Sufis, saints and gurus are Indian culture’s biggest achievement—not gods, whom people across the world created
Raghu Rai
The Indian’s great, organic faith in the secular Constitution grew out of its emergence as a site for struggle since its earliest years
Rohit De
Once repression and injustice drove Muslims towards the State. This couldn’t last, of course, with the ruling system, in every avatar, punishing Muslims for being Muslim.
Omair Ahmad
A series of developments by the current government has undermined people's faith in India's data system. Government must restore the independence of data collecting centres, writes former Business Standard editor and author, AK Bhattacharya
A.K. Bhattacharya
The government betrays total ignorance about macroeconomics levers but no one dares to say so, writes journalist and author, Puja Mehra
Puja Mehra
The almighty might be invoked for that final push, but sportsmen have implicit faith in training, coaches and true grit, writes journalist, Suresh Menon
Suresh Menon
Trans-generation trauma has been passed on from generation to generation. Memory is now a lived reality, writes psychologist, Rajat Mitra
Rajat Mitra
Bhakti is no juvenile love affair. The word has been used to describe blind faith to a political regime, writes cultural curator, Arundhathi Subramanium
Arundhathi Subramaniam

i No ! The Year Of Dissent

If anything can be called a unifier in 2019, it is the street protests running around the globe—various skeins of outrage bound as a common strand.

How saffron, coloured by patient irony, separates the strands of the holy and unholy on the table of human history
Soity Banerjee
India's greatest strength has been its ability to engage with diverse sources and impulses. We need those wise men to guide us away from alienation and brutalisation in the name of faith, writes poet and art curator, Ranjit Hoskote.
Ranjit Hoskote
In an exclusive interview to Outlook, West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar speaks on the challenges he faces and what the future holds.
Ruben Banerjee, Rajat Roy Interview Jagdeep Dhankhar
Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren speaks about the poll preparations that went into the victory, the challenges ahead and how he intends to go about his business ahead of his swearing-in as the chief minister of the tribal-state on Sunday
Preetha Nair Interview Hemant Soren
People in several parts of the country took to the streets in protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act claiming the amended law is discriminatory
Salik Ahmad
Former home minister P. Chidambaram speaks to Prashant Srivastav on the Citizenship (Amendment) Act
Prashant Srivastav Interview P. Chidambaram
Jump Cut
The rulers are so consumed by the arrogance of power that they simply dismiss all opposition as “anti-national” and set the stage for more repressive actions.
Aruna Roy, Nikhil Dey
Book Review
A top Tihar policeman holds a mirror to its unique ecosystem: bossy criminals and underlings, systemic reforms, executions and the deadening bureaucracy
Mahmood Farooqui
Book Review
In Outlook this week, a doctor's diary on 'faith'.
Dr Arvind Kumar