Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021
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Caste Iron Furnace

A caste census could radically alter the political map of India. Are we ready for such an upheaval?

Preetha Nair October 04, 2021
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  • Ground Report

    Hathras Beyond Headlines

    Dalit family awaits ‘justice’ to immerse ashes of daughter in Ganga. Elsewhere, lower caste women continue to face violence perpetrated by the powerful.

    October 04, 2021 | Jeevan Prakash Sharma
  • Column

    Individual Memory In A Post-Truth World

    There is no need to contextualise Hathras. It is a standalone story. A warning, a trigger, a tragedy.

    October 04, 2021 | Chinki Sinha

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Non-BJP parties hoping to stall the massive shift of OBCs towards the Hindutva brigade. But there are gains too for the BJP if it plays its cards well.

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Dalits as one cohesive unit is a thing of the past as individual castes start asserting themselves

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Not Just To Count, But To Weigh

While a caste census is not a panacea, it can add meaning to the debate on where we want to...

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Casteing Gender At The Ballot Box

The emergence of women as vote banks in some states may not presage a new paradigm...

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Women outnumber men at polling booths in ­Nitish ­Kumar’s Bihar. But are they really a...

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Congress Bowls A Caste Googly

A Dalit Sikh CM from the neglected Puad region is a smart move, queering the pitch for the grand old party’s rivals

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Education/JEE Scam

It’s Easier Online For Munnabh...

With online exams in vogue, scamsters have upped their game, upgrading skills to breach premier engineering entrance tests

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Brighter Shade Of Khaki

What our police needs is the will to carry out changes already suggested by past inquiry commissions. But who will bell the cat?

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Smog towers—the concept of vacuuming air in the open is not a practical solution to combat air pollution

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Sentry Duty On High Seas

China, Afghanistan and the Quad are the pressing issues that form the backdrop of PM Modi’s first in-person meeting with Joe Biden

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Himachal CM On Notice?

Union minister Anurag Thakur’s frequent visits to home state fuel speculations about possible change of guard before assembly polls next year.

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Babul Goes To Trinamool

Singer-turned-politician Babul Supriyo further dents BJP in West Bengal after the humbling assembly polls loss.

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Temple Demolition

A Sentimental Flip

Hindu groups target Basavaraj Bommai government over implementation of Supreme Court order to raze illegal buildings.

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Mixed Shots

Passing through: A chuckle here, a teardrop there

October 04, 2021



In case you missed it: News and newsmakers from India over the past week

October 04, 2021

Spy By The Sea

NIA takes over case after four people are arrested for leaking sensitive information from DRDO’s missile test range to foreign players.

October 04, 2021 | Sandeep Sahu

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Gangsta Talk’s Blowin’ A Fuse

Indie musicians run a gauntlet of heckling and abuse at gigs in India. Protection has to come from street cred and holding organisers accountable.

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Not Quite A Khan

"I’m not on social media because it is distracting. We’re anyway addicted to our phones. Also, I find it very disingenuous...

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Liminal Spaces, Liminal Lives

In this shape-shifting novel with a gallery of characters who don’t fit in fully, old certitudes...

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Servitors Of Science

Not just scientific facts and concepts, Pulakkat weaves in anecdotal stories of the doyens...

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Payout For Bhai

Take A Lens To Charity

Backward Nod

The Decades Fall Over


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Mother’s Diary

The image of a mother and the role she plays in real life has gone through some drastic transformation, and that has naturally changed our way of looking at it in cinema, says actress Supriya Pathak

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