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Kiss In The Kasbah

Sex is blooming in our 'small cities', and it's all thanks to His grace.

Kiss In The Kasbah
Kiss In The Kasbah

Kiss In The Kasbah
Sex is blooming in our ‘small cities’, and it’s all thanks to His grace.

How old were you when you first had sex?

(Base: 842 men who are willing to respond)

14-15 years 4
16-18 years 14
19-22 years 18
23-25 years 17
26-29 years 15
30-34 years 55

Between you and your partner, who usually initiates sex?

Base: 614 men

Both 42
Me 45
Partner 13

Base: 493 women

Both 39
Me 5
Partner 56

Have you ever had casual sex?

(Base: 614 men)

No 68
Yes 32
No response 1

Have you ever given oral sex to your partner?

Base: 614 men

No 68
Yes 31
No response 1

Base: 493 women

No 69
Yes 31

68% men feel sexual satisfaction is most important for
a happy marriage

What is the most important attribute in a person of the opposite sex for you to feel attracted towards her?

(Base: 842 men)

Good nature 33
Beautiful face 23
Good figure 15
Intelligence 15
Pleasing personality 12
Good height 2

What do you do to look good?

(Base: 842 men)

Go for walks/exercise 50
Go to a beauty parlour 51
Diet in balance 41
Use personal care products 26
Gym 20
Home treatments 7

How often do you visit a beauty parlour?

(Base: 430 men who visit the parlour)

Once a week 15
2-3 times a month 17
Once a month 45
Once in 2-3 months 11
Once in 6 months 3
Less often 8
No response 1

Men and women in western india admitted to the highest frequency of sexual relations; about 2.9 times (men) and 2.5 times (women) a week.

Do people in your community or social circle talk freely about sex/sexual habits?

(Base: 842 men)

Yes 40
No 51
Don't know/Can't say 9

How important is it for you that your partner is a virgin at the time of marriage?

(Base: 842 men)

Very important 69
Somewhat important 12
Not at all important 9
Don't know/Can't say 10

How open are you to the idea of having sexual relations with a person of the same sex?

(Base: 842 men)

Not at all open 51
Somewhat open 16
Completely open 19
Don't know/Can't say 14

Do you know of anyone in your social circle who is in a physical relationship with a person within the family other than the spouse?

(Base: 842 respondents)

No 80
Yes 20

How was the person related?

(Base: 176 respondents or 20 per cent who said yes)

Sister-in-law 30
Cousin 18
Sibling 16
Brother-in-law 12

North Indian men had their first sexual encounter at an average age of 21 years. South Indians, on average, waited a little longer, till 24.

Are you in favour of pre-marital sex?
(Base: 842 men)
No 70
Yes 30

What do people in your social circle usually do when they want to have sex?

(Base: 437 married men)

Have sex with spouse/partner 43
Have an affair 28
Buy sex 15
Masturbate 9
Watch pornography 7
Buy sex toys 1

(Base: 405 unmarried men)

Sex with girlfriend 30
Have an affair 28
Buy sex 16
Masturbate 19
Watch pornography 11
Buy sex toys 1

How important is sexual satisfaction for a happy marriage?
(Base: 614 men)
Very important 68
Somewhat important 22
Not at all important 7
No response 3

29% men across india ranked sex as the most important thing in their lives, even more than family support or their own house.

Who insists on the use of contraceptives when you have sex with your partner?

(Base: 614 men)

I use on my own 34
Mutual decision 46
My partner insists 18
No response 2

(Base: 493 women)

I insist 16
Mutual decision 52
My partner uses on his own 22
No response 10

Do you believe it is a man's right to have sex with his wife?

Base: 614 men

Yes 75
No 15
No response 1
Don’t know/Can’t say 9

Base: 845 women

Yes 75
No 12
No response 1
Don’t know/Can’t say 12

30% men from north india said their own pleasure was more important to them than their partner’s.

The survey was conducted by GfK Mode in eight cities across the country, with two cities selected from each zone. From each city, some 100 males and 100 females in the 20-45 year age group were selected and interviewed with the help of a close-ended questionnaire.
Zones City 1 City 2
North Ludhiana Meerut
West Rajkot Nagpur
East Darjeeling Cuttack
South Pondicherry Coimbatore
The respondents were chosen with the help of a recruitment questionnaire to form a widely representative sample. The anonymity of all respondents was strictly maintained. Interviews were conducted at a neutral venue, with male and female respondents interviewed separately, by male/female investigators respectively. Since there is overlap, percentage figures may not add up to 100.

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