August 03, 2020
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Ustad Rashid Khan

The Indian classical vocalist Ustad Rashid Khan on his upcoming performances during the busy winter season

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Ustad Rashid Khan
Ustad Rashid Khan

Your next performance is at the Aadi Anant Festival in Mumbai. Do you normally decide what to perform at a concert in advance?

What I sing depends on the crowd and the atmosphere. Nothing is decided beforehand.

Belonging to a family of musicians, did you ever want to chart a different career course?

As a child, music did not interest me at all. I actually thought cricket was my calling!

Your first public performance was at the age of 11. Do you like the scale of a big concert or the intimacy of private recitals?

Earlier, private performances entailed ‘baithaks’ and ‘mehfils’. Now, public performances are the rage. I’ve enjoyed both.

What do you naturally lean towards—the emotional content and the mood or the pure form, the melody and structure?

For me, emotional content is essential if you want to connect with the audience.

Where all have you enjoyed performing?

I love performing in Maharashtra and want to head to South Africa sometime.

What place does Hindustani classical hold in times when music preferences have changed so drastically?

Hindustani classical will always hold a special place. My performances in colleges and universities bear evidence to it.

Do you think the guru-shishya tradition has got diluted over the years?

Music has always been taught this way; the tradition will never change.

Do you like collaborating with other artistes?

I’ve done many fusion concerts and would love a repeat.

Other interests?

I love gardening and the occasional cooking.

Your favourite artistes?

Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle and Falak Shabir.

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