Pakistan Media Calls for New Probe into Benazir Killing

Pakistan Media Calls for New Probe into Benazir Killing

In a severe denouncement of the government, the Pakistani media today charged that former premier Benazir Bhutto was "left at the mercy of her killers", as they made a loud call for a new high-level probe into her sensational killing.

The media in their comment on the independent UN Commission report on Bhutto killing, was unsparing of her husband and current President Asif Ali Zardari, asking why an administration led by Benazir's spouse had done so little to find out who killed his wife.

"Benazir's killing affected the entire nation and that nation deserves to know more about it," declared the News Internationl.

"She was killed on the watch of President Musharraf whose government did little to protect the woman it perceived as a threat to its power and primacy.

It is a testament to its enduring power that the present government is no more eager to get to the bottom of who killed her than its predecessor, and for all the bombast and bluster Zardari has never been about to put the murderers of Benazir in the dock or authorised any investigation that might expose the deeper truths behind the killing," the paper said.

"There is clearly great deal still hidden from the public eye," the paper said declaring that this had to be unraveled.

Both the News International and the Dawn asked how Musharraf had allowed discrimination in security cover to Benazir while making it more stringent for two other former prime ministers who were aligned to him politically.

"This discriminatory treatment is profoundly troubling given the devastating attempt on her life only three days earlier and specific threats against her which were being tracked by ISI.

Dawn said, Benazir could and should have survived the December 27, 2007 attack; she did'nt because of the "monumental and very deliberate, sin of omission on the part of Gen Musharraf and company."

The papers have said that many leads have been provided by investigations done by TV channels and these should be explored in the new investigations.

A prominent columnist Hyder Rizvi in his dispatch said it was essential to find out who killed Benazir Bhutto -- al-Qaeda or the Taliban or the country's military leadership.

Rizvi said that Musharraf had not only refused to allow an international probe, but had also rejected Benazir's demand for removal of officials she suspected to be involved in earlier attempts on her, which she believed to be have been masterminded by Pakistan's powerful ISI.

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