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Dinesh C Sharma

Pollution Levels Worsen As Policy Paralysis Engulfs National Capital Region

Nov 16, 2019 Dinesh C Sharma

The pollution levels in the National Capital Region have hit the uppermost limits of instruments that measure these levels. The situation in other cities and towns in the IGP may, in fact, be worst than Delhi.

Delhi Smog Is Man-Made. It’s Time Policy Makers Stop Blame Game And Act

Nov 02, 2019 Dinesh C Sharma

To tackle air pollution, the centre and states will have to work jointly and quickly. Human lungs don’t understand nuances of federalism and partisan politics.

Boosting Traditional Food: Makhana As Cocktail Snack, Anyone?

While it is in the interest of poor farmers, ecology as well as human health that traditional foods, recipes and value-added products find a market, we will have to watch against big food companies appropriating ‘first food’ and converting it into ‘fast food’.

Behind The Smokescreen: Comprehensive Policy Needed On Tobacco

Oct 05, 2019 Dinesh C Sharma

While e-cigarettes have been nipped in the bud, the challenge remains with core tobacco use in India.

Conflict Of Interest Impairs Tie-Ups Between Food Industry And Its Regulator

Scientific panels of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) have been once again populated with ‘experts’ who have links with the food and beverages industry

07 September, 2019

Opinion: Risks And Failures Part Of Space Business And ISRO Well-Equipped To Deal With It

Dinesh C Sharma

In the end, it was the tail-end of the fifteen-minute period that proved to be tricky and the Vikram lander lost communication with ground stations.

06 September, 2019

Explained: Why Chandrayaan-2 Soft Landing Is A Terrific Moment For India

Dinesh C Sharma

What’s so special about the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) moon mission -- Chandrayaan-2? Is it difficult? Why is it a big deal for the space agency and the country?

13 August, 2019

Priyanka Gandhi Visits Sonbhadra Village; UP Deputy CM Calls It 'Political Stunt'


Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi's visit to Umbha village, nearly a month after she was prevented from going there by the local administration, was, however, mocked by Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma and BSP leader Mayawati.

01 February, 2019

Priyanka Gandhi Will Not Be A Factor In Lok Sabha Polls: Dinesh Sharma

Outlook Web Bureau

The people of Uttar Pradesh will reject the 'opportunist' SP-BSP alliance and BJP would increase its tally over that of the last Lok Sabha polls, Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister said.

09 February, 2018

Inspired By Bollywood Flick 'ABCD' And Power Of Facebook, Indian Scientist Builds Army Of E-Astronomers

Dinesh C Sharma

The group’s activities go under hashtag #ABCDresearch – anybody can do research – and are widely followed. Since 2013, Dr Ananda Hota, radio astronomer at the Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences has trained over 100 e-astronomers.

08 February, 2018

India Gets Robotic Telescope To Keep An Eye On Dynamic Cosmos

Dinesh C Sharma

The fully robotic telescope costs Rs. 3.5 crore and is much smaller than the 2 meter Himalayan Chandra Telescope at Hanle.

02 February, 2018

Stone Age Tools Found In Tamil Nadu Suggest A Relook At Popular ‘Out-of-Africa’ Theories

Dinesh C Sharma

Indian scientists are challenging the popular scientific theory that the Middle Palaeolithic was brought to India by modern humans dispersing from Africa only around 125,000 years ago or later

05 December, 2017

Healthy Lifestyle Can Overcome Even Genetic Risk Of Heart Disease: Study

Dinesh C Sharma

The study has found that people who are genetically more prone to get diabetes and heart disease can reduce their risk with lifestyle modification – consumption of healthy food and physical activity.

Photo Gallery

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addresses the media at Vijay Chowk during the Winter Session of the Parliament, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo/ Shahbaz Khan

A student undergoes thermal screening before entering an examination centre to appear in the CBSE 12th Board Exams 2022 for Term 1, in Gurugram.

PTI Photo

Tamil Nadu Disaster Management workers evacute people from a flood affected area following heavy rain, at Varadaraja Puram, near Chennai.

PTI Photo/R Senthil Kumar

Japan Airlines planes sit on the tarmac at Haneda international airport in Tokyo. As cases of a new coronavirus variant are confirmed around the world, Japan announced Monday that it will suspend entry of all foreign...


President of Indian Youth Congress Srinivas BV (R) with party activists pays tribute to the farmers martyred in the farmers' movement, at the office of Indian Youth Congress, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo/Kamal Kishore

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