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Donald Rumsfeld

'We Are Seeing History Unfold ...'

Apr 09, 2003

'... events that will shape the course of a country, the fate of a people, and potentially the future of the region.' US DoD News Briefing by Defence Secretary and Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Wednesday, April 9, 2003 - 1:30 p.m. EST

Is Saddam In Control? 'I Don't Know'

Mar 22, 2003

US DoD News Briefing by Defence Secretary Rumsfeld and Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Friday, March 21, 2002

'We Have Evidence. Good Evidence'

In the US DoD news briefing on March 20, the US secretary of defense says 'there will be Iraqis that will surrender. There will be Iraqis that offer to help us. There will be Iraqis who offer not only to help us but to help liberate the country and t

'History Of Deception'

Mar 12, 2003

US Department of Defense news briefing on Tuesday, March 11, 2002 with US Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and Gen. Richard B. Myers, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.

'That Whole Story Will Calm Down'

Excerpts from DoD News Briefing with US defense secretary on Musharraf's Newsweek interview

18 June, 2002

'A Single Thread Runs Through The World'

Secretary of Defense on the global war on terrorism.

18 June, 2002

'India-Pak Tension Easing'

The likelihood of a conflict between the two countries is lessening, says the US Defense Secretary.

13 June, 2002

'A Two-Horse Buggy..'

Donald Rumsfeld

'... carrying a very heavily loaded wagon and it's going up a hill and it stops. If it stops, it starts back. There is nothing other than going forward or going back because it can't stop.'

13 June, 2002

'Money's A Coward'

The US secretary of defense rejects the 'freedom fighters' fiction, alludes to the US stick to India in the form of 'travel advisory diplomacy' but doesn't dole out more carrots for Pak, apart from gratitude for support in the 'war against terror', a

13 June, 2002

'I Am Not A Mediator'

The US defence secretary says that he has "seen indications" that there in fact are al Qaeda operating near the Line of Control but that he doesn't "have hard evidence of precisely how many or who or where".

12 June, 2002

'It's Not Getting Worse'

The US secretary of defence on the Indo-Pak situation before his arrival in India.

11 June, 2002

'Leave It To India And Pakistan'

US Secretary of Defense says the two countries are best suited to "opine on what steps they're taking'

06 June, 2002

'The First Step back From The Brink'

The US and UK defence secretaries are up-beat on the offer of joint patrols. Full text.

05 June, 2002

What's On His Mind?

Not mediation, he says, but then the good General Musharraf has been sneering of what he calls 'mere words' and semantics. Just that with another name?

30 May, 2002

When Will They Jump Off The Bridge?

Quoting Adlai Stevenson, a cautious US Defence Secretary weighs his words carefully about possible US evacuiation preparations but admits that "we personally believe that it is clearly within their [Indian] right to try to stamp it [cross-border terr

18 January, 2002

'India And Pakistan Have To Make The Decisions, Not The US'

Full Text of the Joint Press Conference held by Indian Minister of Defence George Fernandes and U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Jan 17, Washington.

05 November, 2001

'We Have To Recognize The Potential For Collateral Damage'

Full text: US Defence Secretary Rumsfeld with Pakistani Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar, Islamabad, Pakistan, November 4, 2001

05 November, 2001

'We Will Be Pursuing Terrorists' Networks Wherever We Find Them'

Full text: US Defence Secretary Rumsfeld with Defence Minister George Fernandes

Photo Gallery

Chairperson of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury addresses the conference to mark centennial year celebration of PAC, in the Central Hall of Parliament House, in New Delhi. Lok Sabha Speaker Om...

PTI Photo/Arun Sharma

Expelled AIADMK leader VK Sasikala pays tribute to J Jayalalithaa on her fifth death anniversary, near Marina Beach, in Chennai.

PTI Photo/R Senthil Kumar

Devotees wait in queues outside the Sri Krishna Janambhoomi temple in Mathura. Security has been tightened in Mathura after Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha announced its plan to perform ‘jalabhishek’ at Shahi Eidgah in...

PTI Photo

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla delivers valedictory address during the conference to mark centennial year celebration of Public Accounts Committee (PAC), in the Central Hall of Parliament House, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo/Arun Sharma

A black flag being hoisted at the venue of Hornbill festival in solidarity with the civilians, killed in an anti-insurgency operation, in Kisama, Nagaland.

PTI Photo

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