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Feminists In Solidarity With Nivedita Menon

Mar 16, 2016 Chayanika Shah

We stand by Nivedita in claiming the space within the University campus to freedom of speech and debate and discussion.

"Absurd Charges Of Sedition"

Feb 25, 2016 Bharat Bhushan

A statement from journalists who are alumni of JNU opposing the sedition charges slapped on JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar...

'Matter Of Deep Shame For Legal Community'

Text of a statement by former students of National Law University, Delhi, in solidarity with the students of JNU

“EPW Is In Effect A Public Institution”

Jan 15, 2016 et al

A letter from 101 social scientists to the Trustees of the Economic and Political Weekly on the circumstances behind the resignation of incumbent Editor Dr. Rammanohar Reddy...

Under The Guise Of Religion

The persistent demand for the extension of blasphemy laws around the world is a real danger for all. There is a need to keep alive the rich tradition that France has had to mock and caricature powers that be -- religious or otherwise.

14 October, 2014
File Photo: Cash ‘n’ carry Roll call for an NREGA project

'The New Government Is Not Committed To The NREGA'

Jean Dreze

28 leading economists write to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to 'express deep concern about the future of India's National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA)'

05 September, 2014

'Empathise Rather Than Judge'

Karan Johar

We have been greatly disturbed by the harsh reporting on a former child actor’s alleged involvement in a prostitution racket.'

15 August, 2014

Stop The Undermining Of Reservations

Amita Kanekar

An Open Letter on the recent recruitment at Goa University

24 February, 2014

'Two Demands'

Ashis Nandy

1. That Penguin Random House contest the suit against The Hindus and 2. That the sections of the Indian Penal Code under which the suit was brought (IPC 153A, 295A) be revised

14 February, 2014

'Protect Freedom Of Expression'

Ananya Vajpeyi

'Petitioning Members of both houses of the Indian Parliament to reconsider and revise Sections 153 (A) and 295 (A) of the Indian Penal Code'

22 January, 2014

'Diffuse The Ugly Racism'

Peoples Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL)

A group of concerned citizens write an open letter to the Delhi Chief Minister demanding that Somnath Bharti be removed from his position as Law Minister immediately

21 January, 2014

Dear Shri Arvind Kejriwal...

All India Democratic Women's Association (AIDWA)

Women's groups write to the Delhi Chief Minister pointing out that it is " a great disservice to women’s rights to penalise Police officers who refuse to act in accordance with inflamed prejudices of the public or political leaders"

18 September, 2013

Violence By Political Design

Harsh Mander

Even a week after the violence erupted in full-blown fury, there was no agreed narrative on what led to it.

03 July, 2013

A Letter To Mr Chetan Bhagat

et al

We write to you not as crazy fans but as Indian Muslim youth, who felt utterly patronized, insulted and hurt after reading your article, ' Letter from an Indian Muslim Youth'.

25 March, 2013

'Continuing Impunity'

Jamia Teachers' Solidarity Association

L'affaire Liaqat Shah once again shows how ministry of home affairs has emboldened agencies to pick, detain, arrest and charge people with terrorism.

13 February, 2013

'Break This Spiral Of Executions'

et al

We feel that in the land of Buddha and Gandhi, death penalty has no place.

13 February, 2013

' We Believe That You Made A Grave Error In Rejecting The Mercy Petition'

Jamia Teachers' Solidarity Association

Academics, writers, filmmakers write to the President protesting the execution of Afzal Guru

09 January, 2013

'Will Only Help War Mongers'

Laxminarayan Ramdas

'The said incidents have a potential to derail the ongoing peace process that has shown remarkable progress in recent times...'

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People travel via a boat at the waterlogged DLF residential area after rain at Semmancheri, in Chennai.

PTI Photo/R Senthil Kumar

India's Pusarla V. Sindhu competes against Denmark's Line Christophersen during their women's singles Group A badminton match at the BWF World Tour Finals in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia.

AP Photo/Dita Alangkara

Doctors and others from the medical fraternity participate in a cycle rally to raise awareness on HIV and AIDS on World AIDS Day, in Prayagraj.

AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh

Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi speaks in the Lok Sabha during ongoing Winter Session of Parliament, in New Delhi.


JKNC MP Hasnain Masoodi speaks in the Lok Sabha during ongoing Winter Session of Parliament, in New Delhi.


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Lead Essay

Roses Among Thorns: The Many Solidarities Of Diverse Protests

Every act of dissent is an art. Of pain and pathos. Of hope and new dawn. It’s their story. It’s everyone’s story.


Farm Law Repeal Has Given New Life To Idea Of Protest In India

Dissent is less about material gains than the intangibles they leave us with.

Farm Law Repeal Has Given New Life To Idea Of Protest In India

Manual Scavengers

An ‘Untouchable’ Story: My Life As A Protest

For India’s manual scavengers, mere existence is a protest, because they need to fight just to reclaim their humanity and dignity.

Bezwada Wilson
An ‘Untouchable’ Story: My Life As A Protest


Let's Talk About Ageism And Sexism In Indian Films, A Zillionth Time!

While everyone is going gaga over actress Katrina Kaif in the revamped version of 'Tip Tip Barsa Pani', the replacement of Raveena Tandon does point towards the problem of sexism and ageism in the Indian film industry

Nov 17, 2021 Yashika Mathur

T20 World Cup 2021 Analysis: David Warner And Mitchell Marsh - Tale Of Two Comebacks

Australia winning the T20 World Cup for the first time has been timely as they host the next edition at their own backyard in 2022.

Nov 15, 2021 Arijit Ghosh

Education In India During Covid-19: Challenges Faced And Solutions For A Post-Pandemic Era

As per the Observer Research Foundation, close to 250 million children in India were adversely affected due to school closures due to the early lockdowns imposed by the government in response to Covid-19.

Nov 11, 2021 Shekhar Mehta

T20 World Cup Review: Jaded By An Excess Of Cricket, India Were On An Inevitable Path To Doom

India's cricket administrators showed more drive to boost BCCI's coffers rather than take care of players' welfare during pandemic times.

Nov 08, 2021 Arijit Ghosh