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K. Natwar Singh

India Should Have Publicly Engaged With Taliban Earlier: Former External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh

Aug 19, 2021 Outlook Web Bureau

Though the situation is not 'adversarial', even a semblance of friendship has disappeared and that is why the Indian government is 'very careful', Former External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh said.

Natwar Singh Says Non-Gandhi Leader Will Cause Party To Split, Presses For Priyanka To Lead Party

Jul 22, 2019 Outlook Web Bureau

Natwar Singh said that if anyone is elected from outside the Gandhi family, the Congress will split within 24 hours.

‘Emergency, Operation Blue Star; Indira Gandhi’s Two Mistakes’: Natwar Singh

Singh expresses these views in his new book, 'Treasured Epistles', a collection of letters.

Army Won't Give Half An Inch of Kashmir: Natwar Singh

Aug 06, 2018 Outlook Web Bureau

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) which won 64 seats came second, while the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) bagged 43 seats and finished third.

The Courtier Turned Critic

Natwar Singh mostly is an honourable man but he protests too much. I am delighted he has written the first rough draft of history. But it requires serious sub-editing.

14 August, 2006

'Clean I Came Into The World And Clean I Shall Depart'

K. Natwar Singh

'Personal Explanation', as delivered by the the former external affairs minister in the Rajya Sabha in which he maintains that 'athough the report of the Pathak Authority is a flawed document, but it is categorical ... [and] has in clear terms said t

07 November, 2005

'Controlled Indignation'

Barkha Dutt

He was anything but controlled as he held forth on how the present government of Iraq has no credibility anywhere, Saddam's support for Emergency, bemoaned the break-up of the USSR, rubbished the previous government running after Strobe Talbott and h

05 October, 2005

'How We Can Mutually Benefit'

K. Natwar Singh

The EAM on how to 'advance cooperation between the two countries, turn our backs on the barriers and suspicions of the past and in some way endeavour to create and encourage the spirit of enterprise for businessmen'

14 April, 2005

'The United States Understands India's Aspirations'

So said the US SoS and while the EAM got a 30 minute audience with Prez Bush, crucial support on the UNSC seat still remains elusive apart from pleasantries about India's 'growing influence in international politics and in international organizations

28 March, 2005

'Inadequate At Best Or Permissive At Worst'

K. Natwar Singh

'The infirmities of the non-proliferation order have imposed costs on India and have had an adverse impact on our security, as much of the clandestine proliferation which is today the focus of attention has tended to flow into or emanate from our nei

16 March, 2005

'There Is Much More That We Can Do'

The EAM's over-eagerness to report on what he had reported to the US SoS on Indo-Pak relations did stand out among the rest of the laundry list on F-16s, NSSP, Nepal, UNSC seat for India and so on, while the differences on Iran gas pipe line were cle

16 February, 2005

Finally, The Bus

Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri

"Both governments have agreed to allow travel across the LOC between Srinagar and Muzaffarabad by bus. Travel will be by an entry permit system, once identities are verified .... The bus service is expected to commence from 7 April 2005"

19 January, 2005

'The Symbol Of Our Secularism'

Nagendar Sharma

'For us, Kashmir does not merely mean a few square kilometres of land ...' . The EAM on wide range of issues: tsunami aid, Indo-Pak, Palestine-Israel, J&K, SAARC, SC seat with veto in SC, foreign policy, and, yes, even Pokhran II...

06 January, 2005

A Community Of Grief

K. Natwar Singh

This is not and must not become a community of despair. The year 2004 ended in unparalleled tragedy. 2005 begins with collective hope and sustained action.

23 July, 2004

"Pakistani Leadership Constructive And Positive"

K. Natwar Singh

"I leave Pakistan with renewed determination to work with Pakistan, bilaterally, to normalize our relations and to resolve differences while building on many commonalities." Updates

11 June, 2004

'About The Indian Troops, Nobody Has Asked Us'

'We'll look at it [the UN resoultion] very carefully. But I must emphasize that this matter will have to be placed before the government at the highest levels so it would be premature for me to say yea or nay.'

01 June, 2004

'I Want To Put An End To This Controversy'

Outlook Web Bureau

In his first major press-conference covering the foreign policy in general and the round of rhetoric with Pakistan in particular, the new EAM is irritated and once again reiterates and explains his recent articulations on the Simla Agreement and much

11 April, 2003

'You Might Have Created Difficulties For Yourself'

K. Natwar Singh

The Congress's shadow MEA joined issue with the MEA's media statement on the right to pre-emptive strikes in the Rajya Sabha on April 9.

Photo Gallery

A tractor at work at the construction site of the Central Vista project, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo/Ravi Choudhary

Congress General Secretary and AICC in-charge of Uttar Pradesh (UP) Priyanka Gandhi speaks during 'Pratigya rally', ahead of UP Assembly elections 2022, in Moradabad.

PTI Photo

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. K. Stalin visits the flood affected areas, in Thoothukudi.

PTI Photo

Doctors release a health advisory during an awareness campaign against air pollution to mark National Pollution Control Day, in Kolkata.

PTI Photo

Rashtriya Janata Dal MLA Bhai Virendra and BJP MLA Sanjay Saravgi go for compromise in the presence of Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav and Deputy CM Tarkishor Prasad following a verbal spat between...

PTI Photo

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