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K.P.S. Gill

A Dangerous Divide

Mar 07, 2007 K.P.S. Gill

Political groups need to reconcile the aspirations of rural and urban population segments who appear to feel that their destinies lie in diametrically opposite directions.

The Dangers Of Recurrence

Feb 28, 2007 K.P.S. Gill

The tragedy and stain of Gujarat cannot be wiped out; but the power to ensure that such a thing never happens again is within our grasp. Unfortunately, precious little is done in the interregnums of peace...

Reductionist Slogans

It is important to ensure that we do not become prisoners of a new set of competing slogans that result in the suspension of our rational faculties for another half-century

Directionless Dissent

Jan 25, 2007 K.P.S. Gill

That is our political culture. Of permanent opposition. Everything is opposed, protested, demonstrated against, but no viable alternatives are ever suggested.

The Many Mobs Of Nithari

Responsible conduct by the police, media, politicians, 'experts' and public would bring inexorable pressure on the guilty, but would spare the innocent and their families from the trauma of unfounded demonisation.

09 January, 2007


K.P.S. Gill

Sachar Committee recommendations fall into a pattern that reflects particular and unfortunate political positions, rather than anything that could provide the framework for a radical resolution to the problems of the minorities in India

25 December, 2006

An Audacious Gamble

K.P.S. Gill

Gen Musharraf's new call for 'joint supervision' is at one with earlier proposals of a 'regional' — but in fact communal — division of J&K in that it would secure an extension of Pakistani control and further the Islamist radicalisation of the region

13 December, 2006

Poisoned Source

K.P.S. Gill

Supreme Court's welcome waiver of the requirement of government sanction for investigations against politicians has predictably invited the wrath of the political class. Will the judiciary find the determination and integrity to stay the course? The

29 November, 2006

False Debates

K.P.S. Gill

What the country needs is not 'secularism'; it is simple rule of law. Secularism is part of the state's legal and constitutional obligation and would be automatically guaranteed by an even-handed application of the law.

16 November, 2006

Course Correction

K.P.S. Gill

There is at least a certain spectrum of national interests in the US that can be extracted from the polarised and destructive cycle of electoral politics, and on which consensual governance is possible. There is no evidence of any such identifiable s

31 October, 2006

Criminal Complicity

K.P.S. Gill

Through the current 'peace process' and the charade of the 'joint mechanism' for counter-terrorism India continues to provide international legitimacy to a terrorist state and Gen Musharraf's criminal regime.

19 October, 2006

The Centre Cannot Hold

K.P.S. Gill

New Delhi is like a municipality under siege. The Supreme Court must oversee the details of the sealing and demolition of illegal structures; the Prime Minister must check for hygiene at the AIIMS in the middle of an apparent dengue epidemic... Where

03 October, 2006

General Bluster

K.P.S. Gill

It is high time that the US and the world called the Pakistani bluff, and demanded that the country and its leadership fulfil its commitments to neutralise terrorism from its soil, and engage in international relations in accordance with contemporary

26 September, 2006

Cops & Rubber Stamps

K.P.S. Gill

The Supreme Court has highlighted political interference. But if we cannot implement the Indian Police Act of 1861 in good faith, what gives us the illusion that we will do any better with a new act, or under the new court directives?

18 September, 2006

The Challenge of Reforms

K.P.S. Gill

It is the nature of insurgency and terrorism, and not the areas of their manifestation, that must engage our attention. The real challenge is to take the stupidity, the irrationality, the inefficiency and the waste out of security and policing.

12 September, 2006

A Survival Imperative

K.P.S. Gill

Politically correct rhetoric removes all constraints from those who resort to violent excess, while it places extraordinary and irrational constraints on the agencies of the state that are intended to protect the rule of law.

31 August, 2006

Consensual Corruption

K.P.S. Gill

There is a cosy arrangement between all parties that doesn't go beyond political posturing. With little to choose between them on this count, corruption has become electorally irrelevant. And within a democratic system, if an issue cannot lead to the

10 August, 2006

Tackling Terrorism

K.P.S. Gill

There is a need to keep our sense of outrage alive and to work on a daily basis to communicate this outrage to the political leadership, but equally important is greater vigilance, cooperation with enforcement agencies, and a determination not to fue

Photo Gallery

A farmer sits near his red chillies at a deserted APMC market, during the weekend curfew imposed by the Karnataka government to curb the spread of COVID-19, in Hubballi.

PTI Photo

Delhi Chief Minister & AAP National Convenor Arvind Kejriwal being welcomed by women supporters during his door-to-door campaign ahead of the Goa Assembly elections, in Goa.

PTI Photo

A health worker collects swab sample of a woman for COVID-19 test, amid concerns over rising Omicron cases, in Gurugram.

PTI Photo

Traffic jam on a road at Shalimar Bagh during the weekend curfew imposed by the Delhi government to curb the spread of Covid-19, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo/ Shahbaz Khan

The Lajpat Nagar market wears a deserted look during the weekend curfew imposed by the Delhi government to curb the spread of Covid-19, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo/ Shahbaz Khan

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Graphic Novel

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Play Us A Memory, Violin Man


It’s Just Numbers, Love

Younger people do not have much progressive beliefs; a 2017 survey found that one-third of young people opposed inter-caste marriage.

Rukmini S.
It’s Just Numbers, Love


The Future of Universities: Can India Overcome The Digital Divide?

The pandemic has made it clear that virtual learning is here to stay. In the West, the big question is whether it will dilute the quality of the college experience and education. In India, which grapples with digital divide, the question remains whether this will reach most people at all.

Jan 15, 2022 Saikat Majumdar

Super Immunity, Natural Vaccines, Covid Gods: A Desi Guide To Denying The Pandemic

Even after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, many 'informed' individuals in India continue to deny the virus with unscientific claims and unfounded data. The latest? Omicron will end the pandemic.

Jan 08, 2022 Rakhi Bose

What Is The Future Of The Liberal Arts In Asia?

Across Asia there are deeply entrenched obstacles to a mode of higher education that is liberal in multiple senses – disciplinary and epistemological but also social and political.

Jan 01, 2022 Saikat Majumdar

Nagaland To Lakhimpur Kheri: Rights, Regimes And Restitutions in Times Of Turbulence

The two incidents in the recent past, one in Mon district of Nagaland and the other at Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh, undermined the core principles democracy and federalism.

Dec 28, 2021 Tanvir Aeijaz