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Rahul Mahajan

Beyond Resistance

Apr 22, 2004 Rahul Mahajan

The resistance in Fallujah will be beaten down, with the commission of more war crimes; if the United States invades Najaf, it will be able to win militarily there as well. But from now on, no military victory will make Iraqis stop resisting.

Destroying To 'Save'

Apr 12, 2004 Rahul Mahajan

Fallujah: A gentle, urbane man who spoke fluent English, Al-Nazzal, was beside himself with fury at the Americans' actions (when I asked him if it was all right to use his full name, he said, "It's ok. It's all ok now. Let the bastards do what they w

Opening The Gates Of Hell

In Iraq, these gates are yawning wider than they ever have before -- at least for the United States. "Sunni and Shi'a are now one hand, together against the Americans," a man on the street in the mostly Shi'a slum of Shuala on the west side of Baghda

Intelligence Failure

Feb 03, 2004 Robert Jensen

Not quite in the sense Bushies would have you believe, though. The Democrats could contest the Bush propaganda but they seem to be suffering from an intelligence failure of their own.

Myths And Reality

It didn't contain the caliber of bald-faced, smoking-gun lies that we have come to expect from Bush, like the "sixteen words" in the last one but it was certainly replete with dishonesty and misrepresentation.

16 December, 2003

Hard Truths Remain

Robert Jensen

Saddam Hussein's capture and the hope he will be held accountable for crimes against the people of Iraq and neighboring states is welcome news, no matter what one's position on the U.S. invasion of Iraq. But this doesn't vindicate the U.S. invasion.

10 September, 2003

Evasion, Invention, Obfuscation

Robert Jensen

Bush's shifting focus and recent emphasis on terrorist threat in Iraq begs an obvious question: If Iraq is now a magnet for terrorists, how did that come to be?

05 September, 2003

Iraqi Liberation, Bush Style

Robert Jensen

If WMD and terrorist links fail as rationalizations for war, don't worry; let us now praise the liberation of Iraq. It turns out that all along the invasion was about creating democracy in Iraq so that Americans will be more secure.

28 March, 2003

The New Humanitarianism

Rahul Mahajan

On Iraq, it is clear: we had to destroy Iraq (over the past 12 years, not just the last few days) in order to save it. Who will we save next?

20 March, 2003

Myths And Facts

Robert Jensen

This war is not the result of a failure of diplomacy. This war is not a pre-emptive war. This war is not about weapons of mass destruction. This war is not about terrorism. This war is not about the liberation of the Iraqi people.

06 February, 2003

Rebutting Colin Powell

Rahul Mahajan

If one believes everything he said to the Security Council yesterday, one's first response ought to be that there's no reason to fight a war...

09 October, 2002

The Other "Good War"

Rahul Mahajan

While the world busies itself with the impending war against Iraq, perhaps it's time to look at Afghanistan one year later

17 September, 2002

Bush The New Multilateralist

Robert Jensen

His UN speech characterises 'diplomacy' in the age of the American empire.

04 September, 2002

Ultra-Hawks Vs. Moderate Hawks

Robert Jensen

The question dominating the news: When will we go to war against Iraq? The answer: We are already at war with Iraq.

06 August, 2002

Iraq And The New Great Game

Rahul Mahajan

The United States seeks nothing less than the establishment of complete control over all significant sources of oil, especially of the Middle East, which holds roughly two thirds of the world's proven reserves.

15 July, 2002

Corporate Crimes And Their Bodycount

Rahul Mahajan

Justice For Bhopal -- time to remember a crime that cost thousands their lives, as executives and politicians try to cut a deal to escape what little accountability remains.

04 July, 2002

Why I Will Not Celebrate This Fourth of July

Rahul Mahajan

I am an American, and I take it seriously -- so seriously that I'm running for elective office, even so, I will not be celebrating ...

26 June, 2002

How About You, Mr. Bush?

Rahul Mahajan

Arafat calls for democratic elections in the United States; world reaction is mixed, Tony Blair approves.

Photo Gallery

A health worker checks body temperature of a passenger as a precaution against the coronavirus, at Dadar Railway Station in Mumbai.

PTI Photo/Kunal Patil

A health worker checks body temperature of passengers as a precaution against the coronavirus, at Dadar Railway Station in Mumbai.

PTI Photo/Kunal Patil

A man receives a dose of COVID-19 vaccine during a door-to-door vaccination campaign in Morigaon district of Assam.

PTI Photo

Newly appointed Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral R Hari Kumar lays wreath at National War Memorial, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo

Newly appointed Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral R Hari Kumar pays tribute to martyrs at National War Memorial, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo

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