A man belonging to a nomadic community carries a sheep as others shear wool with the onset of winter season, in Jammu district.

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A flock of sheeps graze over pastures at Thanapattan, in Lahaul-Spiti.

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A nomadic Gujjar family leads their flock of sheep towards a field during the nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, in the outskirts of Srinagar. The nomadic Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir have been advised by the authorities to suspend the bi-annual migration of their sheep and cattle to high pastures.

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A shepherd walks with a flock of sheep in the snow, on the outskirts of Kabul, Afghanistan.

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A shepherd drives their Rhoen sheeps on a dirt road during the return of the cattle from the summer pastures in the Rhoen mountains near the Bavarian Frankish village Ginolfs, Germany. At the approach of winter, the animals must leave their grazing areas before the snow starts. About 1,000 grazing animals (cattle, goats and sheep) are partly decorated with flowers leave their pastures.

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Sheep herders create a "lamb jam" on a warm fall day as they move their flock down Gunnison County Road 12 below Kebler Pass toward Paonia, Colo..

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Gujjar community members herding a flock of sheep along a road, on the outskirts of Jammu.

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A flock of sheep crosses alpine terrain in Flaesch, Switzerland under the "Falknis" peak (2562 meters above sea level). During the so-called "Schafuebergang", 1500 sheep wander from one meadow to the other, crossing on a steep, narrow alpine trail.

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Britain's Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge shears a sheep, during a visit to Deepdale Hall Farm, a traditional fell sheep farm, in Patterdale, during a visit to Cumbria, England.

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Sheep walk on a huge meadow in front of the castle in Chatsworth, central England.

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Gujjars of Jeora farm drive their sheep amidst their charred, destroyed huts

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A local gaddi shepherd carries a rifle to protect the flock of goats and sheep from wild animals as he walks with others up a steep mountain pass in search of better grazing grounds in Dharmsala.

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Dead sheep lie in a forest in Bad Wildbad, Germany. More than 40 sheep have died in an apparent wolf attack in southwestern Germany, adding fervor to an ongoing debate in the country on how much protection wolves should get. Sheep farming official Anette Wohlfahrt told the German news agency dpa that a lawn in the southwestern community of Bad Wildbad looked “like horror” after a wolf there apparently killed 32 sheep, while more of them drowned in a nearby river when they tried to escape. Other sheep had to be shot dead because of their injuries.

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A Palestinian shepherd woman walks with her family flock between the tent camps which set up for the coming mass demonstrations along Gaza's border with Israel, east of Gaza City.

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Shepherds graze a flock of sheep near a mustard field on the outskirts of Srinagar.

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A shepherd directs his flock of sheep during rains on the outskirts of Srinagar.

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Shepherds from the western Rajasthan state guide their flock of sheep through a traffic roundabout past residential complexes in Greater Noida.

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Sheep are led to another field, in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, England. Snowfall overnight has caused travel disruptions across parts of the UK.

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An nomadic shepherd from the western Rajasthan state guides his flock of sheep through an access road in Greater Noida. Looking for suitable pasture lands for grazing, shepherds migrate their flocks over extensive areas in the same state or to neighboring states in India.

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Hundreds of sheep are shepherded through the streets as French breeders demonstrate against the rising wolf attacks on sheep herds, in Lyon, France.


A shepherd tosses a lamb after rescuing it from being washed away while crossing a stream with his flock, in Harshan village 35 Kilometers (22 miles) north of Srinagar.

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A shepherd along with his flock of sheep crosses a stream as a youth checks his mobile phone, behind, in Harshan village 35 Kilometers (22 miles) north of Srinagar.

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A flock of sheeps drink water from a lake during a hot day in Karad, Maharashtra.

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