Waste management

New Delhi MP Meenakshi Lekhi inaugurates Wet Waste Composting Unit for successful in-house organic waste processing at Sangli Apartments, New Delhi.

PTI Photo

Biomediation culture being sprayed on windrows which are turned over once a week to allow for aeration, this prevents accumulation of harmful gases that can ignite. This method also considerably reduces use of water to manage fires on landfils.

Photo by Jitender Gupta/Outlook

Bio-remediation Pilot project being carried out at Ghazipur? landfill to bring down the volume of biodegradable waste. The project aims to reduce the volume by over 40 per cent.

Photo by Jitender Gupta/Outlook

Two feet high long windrows being created using old and new waste landing at Ghazipur landfill. This helps to reduce odor, emission of harmful gases and combustion.

Photo by Jitender Gupta/Outlook

The waste to energy plant at the Ghazipur Dumpyard manages to produce only 12 MHz of energy every month.

Photo by Jitender Gupta/Outlook

Waste management through biomediation in Ghazipur

Photograph by Jitender Gupta

A composting centre in Alappuzha