Middle Class

The daily grind in a Calcutta bus

Photograph by Sandipan Chatterjee

Mr & Mrs Balasubramnian Chennai A sales executive in a software company earning Rs 8 lakh a year, he finds it increasingly difficult to save for the education of his two children. “I’m most upset about the rising fuel prices,” he says. “Earlier, I’d spend Rs 5,000 a month on fuel, then Rs 6,000. Now, I’ll pay an extra Rs 1,000.”

R.A. Chandroo

Mr & Mrs Rahim Khan New Delhi A maths teacher who earns Rs 3 lakh annually taking tuitions, the biggest challenge for Khan is ensuring a good education for his own four children. “Though there are many scheme for us, they remain out of reach. For everything you need ID proof, or a bribe.”

Tribhuvan Tiwari

Mr & Mrs Labdha Bijoy Choudhury Calcutta A manager at Alstom, Choudhury’s family survives on one income after wife Shilpi quit on the birth of their son. They pay EMIs on a home and car loan, and are unhappy about the likely axing of LPG subsidy and raising of petrol prices. “I bought a car but feel guilty about using it,” he says.

Sandipan Chatterjee

Mr & Mrs Dharmendra Parab Mumbai A garment salesman who lives in a chawl in Santacruz East in a joint family, his contribution to the family kitty has gone up by Rs 2,000 in the last eight months. “When I was earning Rs 4,000, I managed to save Rs 50-100 a day. Now I earn Rs 30,000 a month, and it still isn’t enough.”

Apoorva Salkade

Sandeep Adhwaryu

People are bearing the brunt in silence

Jitender Gupta

Subsistence issues Schoolteacher Shalu Gupta haggles with a vegetable vendor in Delhi

Jitender Gupta