Thursday, Sep 23, 2021


Democratic Transformation By Military Interventions Entail Nothing But Harm: Xi Jinping in UN

Sep 22, 2021 Associated Press (AP)

The President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping's speech came after US President Joe Biden's which reiterated efforts to pacify the situation between the two superpowers.

Zoom's $14.7 Billion Deal With Five9 Under Review For National Security

Sep 22, 2021 Associated Press (AP)

Zoom last year drew attention for blocking online meetings related to Beijing's 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown.

Biden To Address UN General Assembly

It is believed that his address willl focus on clearing skepticism around US foreign policy post its hasty exit from Afghanistan. Strained relationship with France and China might also come up.

Chinese Parents Look Happy With Gaming Restrictions By The Government For Children

Sep 20, 2021 Associated Press (AP)

One in ten minors in China is addicted to the internet, state estimates say. The CCP has capped daily gaming activity for 90 minutes. Experts say, children might resort to social media instead.

Chinese Parents Look Happy With Gaming Restrictions By The Government For Children

One in ten minors in China is addicted to the internet, state estimates say. The CCP has capped daily gaming activity for 90 minutes. Experts say, children might resort to social media instead.

20 September, 2021

Only 1 Opposition Member Got Elected in Hong Kong's 1500 Member Election Committee

Associated Press (AP)

This election committee will decide 40/90 lawmakers for Hong Kong. Chinese legislation in May mandated only 'patriots' (pro-Beijing politicians) be allowed to rule the city.

17 September, 2021

Stab In The Back: French Foreign Minister Lashes Out At Biden Over Exclusivity In New Strategic Alliance

Associated Press (AP)

The Strategic Indo-Pacific Alliance that USA is forming with Australia and Britain to counter China seems unsettling to the European Union, especially to France. They feel excluded.

15 September, 2021

China Imposes Lockdown, Tightens Restrictions Amid Surging Covid-19 Cases

Associated Press (AP)

China has largely stopped the spread of COVID-19 but new outbreaks continue to occur in various parts of the country. A delta variant outbreak in July and August spread to several provinces, raising concern about new and more contagious variants.

15 September, 2021

S Korea Says N Korea Fired Unidentified Projectile Off Its Coast, Officials Meet Chinese Counterparts

Associated Press (AP)

The meeting between South Korean and Chinese officials comes after North Korea resumed its missile tests amid a nuclear stalemate with the United States. The new missile, as reported by state media of North Korea, could hit targets in Japan, including the surrounding US military bases.

13 September, 2021

Taliban: What’s Next For The International Community?

Seema Guha

With all foreign soldiers out of Afghanistan, the Taliban is now in a position to do pretty much what it wants.

12 September, 2021

Pak ISI Chief Hosts Security Meeting On Afghanistan With Intel Heads Of China, Iran

Outlook Web Bureau

The Director-General of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed, discussed the issue of Afghanistan with intelligence heads of China, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan in Islamabad

10 September, 2021

BRICS 2021: Tracing The Genesis And Summits Over The Years

Outlook Web Desk

BRICS is the acronym coined to associate five important economically emerging countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. This lobby has great economic influence all over the world and tremendous potential back home.

08 September, 2021

Human Rights Groups Urge Broadcasters Not To Cover 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Associated Press (AP)

The request comes in an open letter from rights groups representing minorities in China, including Uyghurs, Tibetans, Hong Kong residents and others

31 August, 2021

UNSC Under India's Presidency Adopts Strong Resolution On Afghanistan, Asks Not To Shelter Terrorists

Outlook Web Desk

The Security Council adopted the resolution with 13 members voting in favour, none against and permanent, veto-wielding members Russia and China abstaining.

31 August, 2021

China Bans Children From Playing Online Games For More Than Three Hours A Week

Associated Press (AP)

Minors in China can only play games between 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Fridays, weekends and on public holidays starting September 1.

28 August, 2021

US Failed In Afghanistan Because It Believed Pak Army While Dealing With Taliban, Says Ayesha Siddiqa

Tarun Upadhyay

Ayesha Siddiqa speaks to Outlook about the impact of Taliban taking over Kabul and how it will have an effect on the region.

28 August, 2021

China Protests Passage Of US Navy, Coast Guard Ships in Taiwan Strait

Associated Press (AP)

A statement posted on the China's defence ministry website called the move provocative and said it shows that the United States is the biggest threat to peace and stability and creator of security risks in the 160-kilometer (100-mile) wide Taiwan Strait.

23 August, 2021

Singapore Offers Tanker Aircraft To US For Afghan Evacuation As Kamala Harris Meets PM Lee

Outlook Web Desk

Vice President Harris' visit to Singapore is part of a diplomatic charm offensive by the Biden administration in Southeast Asia amidst China's aggressive actions in the region.

Photo Gallery

A man carries a girl across the Rio Grande river as migrants, many from Haiti, leave Del Rio, Texas to return to Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, some to avoid possible deportation from the U.S. and others to get supplies.

AP Photo/Fernando Llano

People wearing protective masks are seen on a train that is traveling through Shinjuku district in Tokyo.

AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato

Framed through a cave opening at Ita Pyta Punta or Cape Red Rock, empty boats sit moored on the banks of the Paraguay River, in Asuncion, Paraguay amid a prolonged drought, resulting in low water levels.

AP Photo/Jorge Saenz

White flags that are part of artist Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg's "In America: Remember," a temporary art installation to commemorate Americans who have died of COVID-19, stand on the National Mall in Washington.

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Pope Francis gives the thumbs up as he leaves after his weekly general audience in the Paul VI Hall at the Vatican.

AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino

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Taliban: What’s Next For The International Community?

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Sep 13, 2021 Seema Guha

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