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Can Robo Advisors Help You Make The Right Financial Choices?

Nov 24, 2021 Sai Padegela

Robo advisors have established themselves in the banking and financial services sectors to offer personalized services to customers. It also provides better efficiency and diversification.

With A Robot For Every Person, There Is So Much That Can Be Achieved, Says UiPath Managing Director

Nov 05, 2021 Sneha Kanchan

A robot has the potential to work continuously at a high speed, unattended or with humans in the loop.

The Age of Robotics: How Robots Will Take Over Most Aspects Of Our Lives

Robotics is an exploding market, with new players jumping in, India has a nucleus of a very successful robotics private sector, albeit still in early stages. India must focus on growing this industry to be able to serve unique Indian requirements as well as for exports.

IIT Kharagpur Designs Robotic System To Identify Diseases Plaguing Plants With Camera, Image Analysis

Oct 08, 2020 PTI

'Use of such a device instead of manual operation of spraying pesticide will protect the farmers from related probable health hazards,' says Prof D K Pratihar of Mechanical Engineering Dept.

Trifo: The Nimble Vacuum Cleaner Is Here

There are two models, One is Trifo Max and the other is Max Pet. They will be available in India from September 30 at Flipkart and Amazon. Max is attractively priced at INR 32,900 given the features it offers, while Max Pet is priced at INR 36,900.

21 May, 2019

Scientists Develop New Robot Dog That Can Jump, Perform Back Flips

Outlook Web Bureau

Dubbed Stanford Doggo, the robot can be easily built by anyone by consulting comprehensive plans, code and a supply list, that the researchers have made freely available online.

10 April, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Robot 'Blue' Can Efficiently Perform Intricate Human Tasks

Outlook Web Bureau

Scientists at the University Of California, Berkley have conceived a human-friendly robot that is capable of learning the basic human tasks, and helping with the daily chores.

06 February, 2019

In This Chennai Restaurant Robot Waiters Welcome Customers, Speak To Them In Tamil And English

Outlook Web Bureau

A female robot at the reception gives a response to customers queries and guides the customers about their table numbers.

24 December, 2018

Soon, Physiotherapy At AIIMS To Be Done Through Robotic Help

Outlook Web Bureau

The physiotherapy department of the institute is soon going to procure this new technology for the early rehabilitation of patients.

29 November, 2018

'2.0' Review: A Dull Screenplay And A Tired Rajinikanth Pull The Movie Down

G.C. Shekhar

Shankar’s ‘2.0’ fails to excite or even showcase anything novel that its prequel “Enthiran” (Robot) had done so well eight years ago.

03 November, 2018

2.0 Made On A Lavish Budget Of Rs 600 Crore: Rajinikanth

Outlook Web Bureau

The makers of 2.0 spent a lavish sum of Rs 600 crore on the film for the vision of Shankar Shanmugham


20 September, 2018

Science Has A New Creation: Robotic Skins That Can Activate Stuffed Toys, Shirts And Everything In Between

Outlook Web Bureau

The robotic skin produces makeshift robots that can perform different tasks depending on the properties of the object.

31 July, 2018

Kerala Robot 'Bandicoot' To Clean Sewers In Tamil Nadu Temple Town Kumbakonam

Outlook Web Bureau

The robot, equipped with Wi-Fi, bluetooth and control panels has four limbs and a bucket system attached to a spider web looking extension to scoop out the waste from sewers.

15 July, 2018

Prepare Youth For Fourth Industrial Revolution Where Robots, AI Will Dominate: Union Minister Satya Pal Singh

Outlook Web Bureau

He also said that India lagged behind in human resource development because even after Independence, the country followed the education system which the British introduced.

20 June, 2018

This New System Lets You Control Robots With Brainwaves, Hand Gestures

Outlook Web Bureau

By monitoring brain activity, the system can detect in real time if a person notices an error as a robot does a task.


Photo Gallery

Newly appointed Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral R Hari Kumar lays wreath at National War Memorial, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo

Newly appointed Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral R Hari Kumar pays tribute to martyrs at National War Memorial, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo

A passenger shows her COVID-19 vaccination certificate to a government health worker after arriving from Mumbai-via-New Delhi, at Birsa Munda International Airport, in Ranchi.

PTI Photo

Rajya Sabha MPs protest against their suspension at Parliament House during Winter Session, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo/Manvender Vashist

Former Bihar Chief Minister Rabri Devi stages a protest during the Winter Session of the Bihar Legislative Assembly, in Patna

PTI Photo

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