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H-1B Visa

Biden Moves To Address Delays In Green Card Processing, Thousands Of Indians To Benefit In US

Oct 09, 2021 Outlook Web Desk

A Green Card, known officially as a Permanent Resident Card, is a document issued to immigrants to the US as evidence that the bearer has been granted the privilege of residing permanently in the US.

US Announces Rare 2nd Lottery For H-1B Visa Applicants

Jul 30, 2021 Outlook Web Bureau

The second lottery for H-1B visa would provide another chance to hundreds of Indian IT professionals who could not make it in the first random selection.

US Completes Initial Electronic Registration Selection Process For H-1B Visa

The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows American companies to employ foreign workers in speciality occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise.

Senators Urge President Joe Biden To Revoke Ban On H-1B And Other Visas

Mar 19, 2021 Outlook Web Bureau

In June 2020, Donald Trump instituted Proclamation 10052, ceasing the processing of non-immigrant H-1B, L-1, H-2B, and J-1 visas, based on the alleged potential risk to the labour market.

Biden Admin Issues Order To Delay Mandatory Minimum Pay For H-1B Visa Till May 14

If the rule is imposed, workers on the H-1B would receive at least the 35th percentile of the prevailing wage for their job type and location, compared to the 45th percentile initially

04 March, 2021

Legislation Regarding H-1B Visa Introduced In US House of Representatives

Outlook Web Bureau

The new legislation proposes to overhaul the H-1B visa program by making necessary changes in the Immigration and Nationality Act.

18 February, 2021

US Reaches 65,000 H-1B Visa Cap For 2021

Outlook Web Bureau

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has said it has received a sufficient number of petitions needed to reach the congressionally mandated 65,000 H-1B visa regular cap.

28 January, 2021

Joe Biden Administration Renews Work Authorisation For H-1B Spouses

Outlook Web Bureau

Spouses of Indian professionals on H-1B visas, mostly women, are the biggest beneficiary of the Obama-era rule that gave employment authorisation cards.

01 January, 2021

Donald Trump Extends Visa Ban, Health Coverage Policy Advances

Associated Press (AP)

The twin developments on the final day of 2020 encapsulated how Trump has made US immigration policy more restrictive without support from Congress.

04 December, 2020

US Sues Facebook For Allegedly Favouring Immigrants Over US Workers

Associated Press (AP)

Facebook sponsored the visa holders for 'green cards' authorizing them to work permanently.

04 December, 2020

US Senate Passes Bill Eliminating Per-Country Cap For Employment-Based Immigrant Visas


It also removes an offset that reduced the number of visas for individuals from China.


29 October, 2020

Proposal To Scrap Lottery System For H-1B Visas By Trump Admin


The H-1B visa, most sought-after among Indian IT professionals, is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers in speciality occupations.

13 August, 2020

Donald Trump Administration Allows Certain Exemptions In H-1B Visa Ban


US President Donald Trump, in his June proclamation, banned the entry into the US of workers in several key non-immigrant visa categories.

23 June, 2020

Trump Temporarily Suspends H-1B Visas, Asks Officials To Move Towards Merit-based System


Under these reforms, the H-1B programme will prioritise those workers who are offered the highest wage, ensuring that the highest-skilled applicants are admitted, the White House said.

09 May, 2020

Trump Administration Mulling Temporary Ban On H-1B Visas: Report


The H-1B is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers from countries like India and China in speciality occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise.

08 November, 2019

US Hikes H1B Application Fee By $10


The H-1B program allows companies in the United States to temporarily employ foreign workers in occupations that require the application of highly specialised knowledge

20 June, 2019

Commerce Ministry Says Haven't Received Any Communication On H-1B Visa Cap From US

Outlook Web Bureau

The US is considering restrictions on H-1B visa that allow foreign professionals to work in that country.

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