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#MeToo In India

An actor who made a career out of his sanskari image is accused of rape. A film-maker known for one of the most refreshing feminist films from the Bollywood stables is called out for alleged sexual harassment and intimidation. A high-profile journalist who shot to fame with a report on Haryana’s “rape culture” stands accused of bullying and harassing women. A best-selling auth­­or is charged with propositioning an unwilling woman. A Union minister who was once among the top editors in India is accused of serial abuse by women journalists. Bollywood actors, comedians and journalists have been accused of sexual assault and misconduct with the #MeToo gaining momentum over the last few weeks. While some have sought forgiveness, others have denied the allegations. And accounts of the sexual assault haven't stopped surfacing on social media, as victims gather strength and courage to expose the erosion of the system that allows it to persist.
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