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Why India Needs A Plastic Recycling Revolution

Why India Needs A Plastic Recycling Revolution

03 July, 2021 Vaibhav Rathi

The huge volumes of leakages in plastic wastes demands a clarion call for a recycling revolution in the country.

‘Journalist Not Expected To Dramatise’: Allahabad HC Denies Bail To Reporter

‘Journalist Not Expected To Dramatise’: Allahabad HC Denies Bail To Reporter

01 July, 2021 Outlook Web Bureau

Journalist Shamim Ahmad is accused of abetting a mentally and financially distressed man to commit suicide, and filming it outside the UP Assembly complex.

Leopard Fell Into 20-Foot-Deep Well In Assam, Rescued

Villagers were drawn to the well on hearing the leopard’s roars and on reaching found it struggling to stay afloat.

Doctor Recounts Challenges Faced During Second Wave Of Covid-19

Doctor Recounts Challenges Faced During Second Wave Of Covid-19

01 July, 2021 Dr. Sunil Jain

We have to be stronger to fight against this Pandemic with whatever resource we have.

Corbett Tiger Reserve Opens For Round-The-Year Tourism

Corbett's opening generated great enthusiasm among wildlife lovers with around 50 bookings made for the day safaris on the inaugural day

27 June, 2021

IIT Madras Develops Algorithms For Drones To Study How Fire Behaves In Space Stations

Outlook Web Bureau

A multirotor microgravity platform can also simulate reduced-gravity environments similar to Moon and Mars, thereby recreating those conditions on Earth for experiments.

20 June, 2021

Benefits Of Yoga For Different Age Groups, Especially During Covid Times

Sabrina Merchant

Here is how yoga helps different age groups cope with their physical and mental problems

19 June, 2021

Covid-19: Kerala Tourism Launches 'In-Car Dining' To Serve Food In Parked Vehicles

Outlook Web Bureau

The scheme is being implemented considering public safety hazards even as a slide in the second wave of the pandemic is expected to help the tourism industry pick up, said tourism minister P A Mohamed Riyas.

13 June, 2021

Head Of World’s Largest Family: Man With 39 Wives, 94 Children, 33 Grandchildren Dies At 76

Outlook Web Bureau

Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga, state Congress chief Lal Thanhawla and Zoram People's Movement (ZPM) leader Lalduhoma have condoled the death of Zionghaka aka Zion-a.

11 June, 2021

When Mamta Banerjee Weds Socialism In Stalin’s Tamil Nadu

G.C. Shekhar

Ideology brings together two families

10 June, 2021

Milk, Leading Cause Of Diabetes

Dr Nandita Shah

Indians consume some form of dairy with almost every meal these days. And India has the second largest number of diabetics in the world! There is a connection.


10 June, 2021

Welcome Back! Now Work Out The Rules: Says Europe To Tourists

Associated Press (AP)

Some popular European tourist destinations open for the tourist, but with some rules.

04 June, 2021

World Environment Day 2021: A Look At The Way We Make And Consume Fashion

Lachmi Deb Roy

Have you ever thought of achieving the colour black by blending jaggery with water and iron filings or yellow by boiling pomegranate peels and the hues of red from the bark of the madder tree?

02 June, 2021

White Sand, Roasted Fish, Tender Coconut: Why India's Beautiful Island Wants To Be Left Alone

Ismath Hussain

Ismath Hussain, the first novelist from Lakshadweep, writes an island diary for 'Outlook' in the backdrop of the row over the new draft notification.

02 June, 2021

As Govt Cancels CBSE Class 12 Board Exams, Netizens Come Up With Funny Memes

Outlook Web Bureau

Memes on Twitter showed the reactions of both backbenchers and the toppers. Some showed the response by relatives and neighbours of the students. Some portrayed the class 11 students and those who had less marks in the pre-board exams.

29 May, 2021

How A Grassroots Conservationist Turned A Naga Village Into A Biodiversity Peace Corridor

Priyadarshini Sen

Former church worker taps into the spiritual core of indigenous practices to combat climate change.

29 May, 2021

Covid-19 Increases The Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Pramod Krishnappa

A recent Italian study revealed that Covid-19 increases risk of developing erectile dysfunction (impotence) by nearly six times


16 April, 2021

Can Covid-19 Spread Through Air?

Outlook Web Bureau

Experts have noted that transmission rates of SARS-CoV-2 are much higher indoors than outdoors, and transmission is greatly reduced by indoor ventilation.


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