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Ayurveda, The Future of Global Healthcare

BA aims to make Ayurveda an integral part of our daily life with easy-to-consume products that we look forward to every day!

Ayurveda, The Future of Global Healthcare
Ayurveda, The Future of Global Healthcare

Akshi Khandelwal, the founder and CEO of Butterfly Ayurveda says, “Ayurveda is the future of global healthcare, as it helps treat the root cause of a health issue, not merely the symptoms. Moreover, it focuses on rejuvenation therapies that promote the whole body-mind-spirit complex.“

The COVID-19 pandemic brought into perspective the fragility of our existing healthcare ecosystem. While the healthcare industry is soughting answers to make it more inclusive, holistic, and affordable in the post-pandemic world, Ayurveda has been playing a significant role in shaping the discourse around the new-age healthcare system. The current crisis is a powerful reminder of the need for more sustainable healthcare solutions, and Ayurveda is the saving grace we’ve all been looking for. Before we proceed, let’s delve a little deeper into the science of life.


Ayurveda is an age-old science that has prevailed in India since the pre-Buddhist era. It comprises a holistic understanding of health and caters to the whole body-mind-spirit complex. It is a life science that throws light upon corrective diet and lifestyle measures, with somatic practices like Yoga and meditation, use of herbal remedies and medicine, and rejuvenation therapies like panchakarma, self-massages, etc. It seeks to eliminate the root cause of health issues and caters to every individual’s unique body constitution.


Butterfly Ayurveda, an emerging health and wellness brand of India, that is also doing cross border sales has played a vital role in educating the masses about Ayurvedic herbs and their use in everyday life with products like Ayurvedic teas, herbal powders, supplements, tonics, and immunity boosters.

Butterfly Ayurveda is an organization engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of Ayurvedic products. BA offers a whole new spectrum of modern, yet authentic, Ayurvedic products that help integrate the power of Ayurveda into our everyday lives.

BA’s R&D department is the backbone of the organization. The department’s approach could be termed as, “Validation of Divine Ayurvedic Wisdom through Scientific Knowledge in the Current Era.” Dedicated to providing qualitative and effective herbal solutions, the R&D department is committed to product development, quality control, and standardization which offers their customers safe and efficacious Ayurvedic medicines and food products.


Ratri Chai, a nighttime tea that helps unwind and restore energy levels at the end of the day.

Pancreofly, an Ayurvedic medicine that helps regulate blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol.

Diabe Choice Cookies, a diabetes-friendly cookie made with coconut palm sugar that is full of flavor, fiber, antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties.

Suprabhat Chai, a cognition-enhancing good morning tea that helps balance Kapha dosha.


Butterfly Ayurveda’s range of immunity boosters are some of its innovations that help enhance immunity, improve respiratory and overall health.

I-Immune, Ayurvedic capsules that help expedite recovery, and increase platelet and white blood cell count.

Bronchiofly, an Ayurvedic cough syrup that helps clear respiratory tracts, protects the lungs and throat against infections’.

Vita-M, an Ayurvedic medicine designed for men that helps rejuvenate and restore the body’s strength, improves stamina, and increases vigor and vitality.

While these supplements soon became crowd favorites, BA understood the alarming need of the hour and redirected its resources towards developing herbal hand sanitizers, ‘Hello Aloe’ and ‘Tulsi Neem’. Effective and gentle, these sanitizers became a common favorite with the running clinics and nursing practitioners.


Butterfly Ayurveda's CORONAFLY/ COVIFLY is an Ayurvedic medicine that was developed after the first wave of COVID hit us all. This Ayurvedic formulation has a broad-spectrum antiviral action and was created with an aim to help boost immunity against COVID-19, treat flu-like symptoms, help people recover, and alleviate symptoms like high fever, sore throat, dry cough, shortness of breath, body pain, and weakness. Having shown great results, Coronafly/COVIFLY is Butterfly Ayurveda’s contribution to the world in the fight against Covid-19.


Raw Material Sourcing
From the sourcing of raw materials to designing the packaging, they ensure eco-friendly practices are followed throughout. All their raw materials are sourced from the most reliable vendors, who either own certified farms or do contract farming with farmers, ensuring the use of sustainable methods for cultivation and harvesting. All their raw materials are tested for quality and are given a certificate of analysis before being considered for production.

The vibrant packaging represents the vitality of life, while BA’s conscious efforts to zero down plastic packaging and use materials locally available such as the wonderful jute string to carry the tea pouches. Another such example is their biodegradable tea bags made of corn and wheat starch. BA ensures that all the ingredients and certifications are listed on the product packaging itself. They believe that transparency empowers the customers to embrace Ayurveda evermore readily and help them make a better choice.

All Butterfly Ayurveda products are manufactured in GMP-certified units and are licensed by the State Dept. of AYUSH, or by FSSAI. Their manufacturing plant houses equipment for blending loose-leaf blend/herbal powders with a capacity of 125 - 150 tonnes per month along with a tea bag manufacturing machine.


BA aims to harness the growing market potential to become an Ayurvedic wellness hub and generate awareness about the benefits of infusing the goodness of Ayurveda into people’s everyday life.

In its humble endeavor to offer the natural preventive and curative benefits of Ayurveda, BA introduced a holistic range of infusions: Heart Strong infusion, Diabe infusion, and Love your body infusion. These herbal infusions are a delight to drink and help support a healthy heart, manage blood sugar, aid weight management. All of BA’s products are targeted to help with lifestyle-related disorders.


The healthcare industry is witnessing a new trend. People are now turning to alternative medicines for prolonged relief and Ayurveda is at the top of the list. Preventive healthcare has become an important line of defense during the pandemic, proving the nutraceuticals sector to be a strong economic partner to the people. This boom in the industry serves as the perfect opportunity for BA to explore strategic partnerships with nutraceutical companies on the lookout for herbal product manufacturers.


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