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Role Of Venus In Different Houses

Like every planet in the horoscope, Venus also holds a very special position. Venus in the horoscope tells much about the effect of women or the opposite sex in the horoscope.

Role Of Venus In Different Houses
Vinay Ji, Astrologer
Role Of Venus In Different Houses

You would have read role of different planets in different houses, so the role of Venus in different houses is no exception. Like every planet in the horoscope, Venus also holds a very special position. But Venus holds an exceptional significance when the person is 30 to 45 years old. It is because the middle age begins from 30 years and goes up to 45 years, and Venus controls this. So, in this age role of Venus in horoscope holds the utmost importance, and persons in this age group will surely find this reading useful. For this, we need to know the role/importance of Venus in horoscope, what Venus in different houses in horoscope/astrology means, and how Venus in different houses impacts our lives. So, I will start explaining with the role of Venus in horoscope/astrology.

Role of Venus in horoscope

Venus in the horoscope tells much about the effect of women or the opposite sex in the horoscope. It represents the wife, elder sister, and elderly females related to the native, sexual happiness, youth, and valor. It also talks about fame. Apart from this, the quality of passion the person will have is also seen through Venus. As I told you, it is Sexual happiness; that means the ability or the extent of lovemaking is also seen through Venus. The position of Venus in the horoscope will tell how that middle-age segment will go for that native. The extent of enjoyment or how much the native will enjoy his life is also seen through this planet. The factor of cracking jokes on to others without hurting the sentiments is also seen through Venus. Usually, how lucky a man would be is often calculated through the positioning of Venus in the horoscope.

So, the positioning of Venus in the horoscope can be read, and all the factors that I have talked about earlier can be evaluated through the position of Venus in the horoscope. If Venus is nicely placed without any negative or malefic influences, then all the above factors that I have talked about will give the best or the optimum results; whereas, if the Venus in the horoscope is compressed or has got malefic influences on it and those influences are significantly high, then the positivity that one derives from the above kind of things that I have talked about, will be hard to come to the native. For example, if we talk about wife, and the relationship with the wife, and the positivity that a person will draw from his or her spouse, then the positioning of Venus is of utmost importance in the horoscope. Venus being a small and beautiful planet is the planet of beauty and the planet of pleasure, and there are karma correction ways through which the strength of Venus could be increased, or an ill placed Venus could be changed from giving negative results to positive results. Now let us see how Venus in different houses impacts our life. I will try to highlight main impact of Venus in different houses: both malefic and benefic.

How Venus in different houses affects our life

Venus is traditionally the harbinger of romance and all things lovely and wonderful. However, Venus’s position in the horoscope can have both malefic and beneficial consequences. Let us analyze the effects of Venus in the 12 houses and the way it is associated with our lives. Venus in different houses plays the most significant role in our relationship: be it married life or other human relationships on any front of life. Read the main points in the below narration and click on role of Venus in different houses on our life to read more in detail. 

Venus in 1st House

With Venus in 1st House, natives are well-cultivated individuals with erotic touch to their personality. Venus natives possess a certain charm that extends beyond their looks to the world of art. Venusians exhibit a marked love for beautiful surroundings. They have a keen ear for more delicate things like Music and poetry. Venus's influence adds a touch of playful exuberance to their personality. They are charmers with prominent eyes with a curly head of hair. Their sensitive and polite disposition earns them a faithful circle of friends that last a lifetime.
However, if afflicted, Venus in 1st House can make the natives self-conscious and unsure of their good looks. They seek acceptance and love from everyone around them. Marriage may be delayed, and they may have more than one partner in case Venus in 1st House is debilitated.

Venus in 2nd House

Venus in 2nd House, Venus in the House of wealth and creature comforts heightens the earning capacity of the native. It infuses a unique ability to handle finances on their own without turning to anyone for advice. They gather abundant wealth as well. They splurge heavily on arts, beauty, and recreational activities. With good planetary influence, Venus in 2nd House lends a perfect proportion of peace and balance to the native's personality. Their soft-spoken demeanor, coupled with an ability to speak the right things at the right time, leave people heavily impressed. Their usual stream of income comes through some hobbies related to creativity.
When Venus in 2nd House is afflicted, they can be shallow in their thinking, greedy, and tempted to acquire money by illegal means.

Venus in 3rd House

Persons with Venus in 3rd House find themselves comfortable in the company of their siblings or relatives or while taking long rides to their favorite holiday destination. They are equally at ease visiting malls and natural landscapes. Armed with the gift of the gab, these natives nurse high flying ambitions to make it big in these fields as they find them intellectually invigorating. Poetry and literature are where they feel they belong.
But when Venus in 3rd House is affected, they may misuse these gifts for selfish purposes. The natives with Venus in 3rd will be tight-fisted, and they may have problems with their ears.

Venus in 4th House

Venus in 4th House provides a platform for sharing solid emotional bonds with their mother. Sensitive to the point of being excessive, these natives cherish their childhood days. The people with Venus in 4th House in horoscope are born hosts whose houses can be spotted for their aesthetic sense and the décor. They could also accrue financial gains from their family.
If Venus in 4th House is afflicted, their untiring efforts to please his family go unnoticed. If married, within a few years of wedded bliss, the couple may have to separate.

Venus in 5th House

Venus in 5th House means it is in the House of pleasure that provides free rein to the native's creativity. Venus in 5th House also indicates the financial status of the father. Romantic intrigues/affairs are only the source of excitement and joy for the Venusian.
The native with Venus in 5th House has a tremendous natural affinity with kids. The native is the heart of the show wherever he goes. The firstborn would most likely be a charming female child. But an afflicted Venus in 5th House induces the native to be flirtatious and promiscuous.

Venus in 6th House

Venus in 6th House endows the native with charitable instincts and an indomitable will to be of service to people around him. Their humility and non-fussy attitude win them admiration from colleagues. Persons with Venus in 5th House have a marked gift for arts that takes them places if pursued. They have signature style, gestures, and mannerisms and a personality that reinvents itself from time to time. They are ardent sticklers for fitness and diet, which people feel, is behind their engaging looks and pink of health.
The native loves to be part of the art and creative scenario, although he does not have a direct role in them. But when Venus in 5th House is afflicted, Venus may cause eye, teeth related issues and Kapha and Vata dosha.

Venus in 7th House

Natives born with Venus in 7th House are the luckiest concerning marriage partners. Venus in 7th House blesses them with a charming, well-to-do, and attractive spouse with an equally compatible temperament. Venus in 5th House is a fortunate position for business partnerships as their partners would be their close friend and confidante.
But Venus in 7th House, if afflicted, would give a lazy ill-mannered partner in business. When afflicted, it indicates immorality in the native and a sickly wife.

Venus in 8th House

The 8th House Venus placement indicates a financially well-informed partner with adequate wealth and comforts. However, an afflicted Venus in 8th House could make the native lazy and irresponsible. The love life, too, would be bereft of any happiness. They are most drawn to dark mystery, including dark energy and dark sciences. The right would be the one with an element of mystery, eroticism, and a good amount of wealth. The people with Venus in 8th House give a heavy impression of being very charming, and people are clueless about where their mysterious appeal originates. But when Venus in 8th House is afflicted, there are chances of bankruptcy on this native.

Venus in 9th House

These natives with Venus in 9th House are essentially bitten by the travel bug. They love exotic destinations that provide them a glimpse of a culture, Music, and fine arts that the native is unfamiliar with. You might have heard about interracial marriages. They must be natives with Venus in their ninth House. Venus in 9th House, if malefic they turn out to be the eternal escapists with a checkered academic career. The people with Venus in 9th House love to indulge in debates of the religious and philosophical kind. Venus in 9th House, if in affliction, may cause dyslexia, problems with vision, and hormonal imbalance.

Venus in 10th House

Most cheerful and genial people with a magnetic personality have Venus in the 10th House. At the workplace or social gatherings, they are the center of attention. The people with Venus in 10th House are well-liked because of their positivity and casual, laid-back nature. They also chance upon excellent opportunities due to these charming qualities.
The persons with Venus in 10th House share an excellent rapport and close bond with their fathers. Debate, Music, and politics may be a strange combination, but this happens to be their first love. But if Venus in 10th House has afflictions, native's public image would be seriously disturbed. The persons with Venus in 10th House may also gain money by selfish usage of these talents.

Venus in 11th House

Venus in 11th House provides clues to the kind of social coterie that this person is a part of. The good and the gracious people are born with Venus in 11th House. They are incredibly extroverted with an innate knack for striking friendships instantly. Usually, most of their friends would belong to the opposite sex. Their busy social calendar and appealing magnetism help people with Venus in 11th House gain financially. They are at their pleasing best when surrounded by a group of friends. But when Venus in 11th House is afflicted, these natives should be careful about socializing as it may result in undesirable consequences.

Venus in 12th House

Venus in 12th House means Venus, positioned in the House of spirituality, makes the native an intrinsic loner. They might even have several secretive intrigues covered from the public gaze. The persons with Venus in 12th House are timid and reserved. They are the admirers of anything that spells mystery and any art. The persons with Venus in 12th House are born artists and creative geniuses, but unfortunately, they hide even this from public view. They are so unassuming that they are unaware of their magnetism, charm, and charisma. When Venus in 12th House is afflicted, Venus causes isolation, heavy expenditure, and finally, death.

I have been emphasizing in all my narrations that the role of different planets in different houses keeps changing with the different stages of life. So, one needs to understand at what stage of life, you need to keep a particular planet soft peddled and when you need the aggression of any planet in your life.

Same way, the role of Venus in different houses keeps changing as one grows in life. The most important role of Venus is when the person is in middle age, as stated above.
One should understand the importance of Venus mainly to have a happy married and keep other relationships in life. But then one should also understand that no planet in horoscope is bad or good, and no planet in any house gives results. So learn how to get the best results from any planet in any house, and the only way out is Karma Correction. Still any specific clarifications, connect with me on my website or call my office on +91 9278555588/9278665588


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