April 11, 2021
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Powell on Indo-Pak

What the US secretary of state had to say in his testimony at Budget Hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Relevant extract.

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Powell on Indo-Pak

I might just touch very briefly, Mr. Chairman, on the standoff between India and Pakistan. It's of concern to us, but I'm pleased that both nations remain committed to finding a peaceful solution to this crisis, and we will continue to work with them. I visited there a few weeks ago and had positive discussions with both sides, and both sides have made it clear to me then and in their actions since that they are trying to move forward and find a diplomatic solution.

President Musharraf gave a very powerful speech that put his country on the right path, and I hope he will continue to take action to reduce incidents over the Line of Control, and round up terrorist organizations and do it in a way that will give India confidence that they are both united in a campaign against terrorism, and not let it degenerate into a campaign against each other

















































































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