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India vs Bangladesh, 3rd T20, Nagpur, Highlights: Record-Breaking Deepak Chahar Powers IND To Series Win

Deepak Chahar became the first Indian to take a hat-trick in T20 Internationals as the hosts defeated Bangladesh by 30 runs to seal the three-match series 2-1, in Nagpur on Sunday. Get here highlights of India v Bangladesh, 3rd T20

India vs Bangladesh, 3rd T20, Nagpur, Highlights: Record-Breaking Deepak Chahar Powers IND To Series Win
Deepak Chahar finished with 6/7 - best figures ever in T20Is. | Twitter
India vs Bangladesh, 3rd T20, Nagpur, Highlights: Record-Breaking Deepak Chahar Powers IND To Series Win

India (IND) defeated Bangladesh (BAN) by 30 runs in the third and final T20 to clinch the series 2-1. After being asked to bat first in Nagpur on Sunday (November 10), India posted 174/5 courtesy fifties from Shreyas Iyer (62) and KL Rahul (52). In response, the visitors -- 106/2 after 12 overs at one stage -- lost wickets at crucial intervals and were bowled out for 144 in 19.2 overs. Opener Mohammad Naim hit 81 off 48. For India, Deepak Chahar took a hat-trick and finished with 6/7 - best figures ever in T20 Internationals. Catch highlights of IND v BAN, 3rd T20 here (SCORECARD | CRICKET NEWS)

23:17 hrs IST: That's it. Thank you for joining us! 

Rohit Sharma (India captain) - "It was the bowlers who won us the game. I know I have to say that being a batsman, but I know how tough it was given the dew. But this must be one of the best comebacks in this format for India. It was easy for them at one stage, with 70 needed in eight overs. But the boys showed characters, took up the responsibility. Good to see young players putting their hands up."

Mahmudullah (Bangladesh captain) - "Had our chances, Naim and Mithun's partnership was incredible to see but we lost wickets in the middle. I think the effort that boys have put in has been very good to see. Naim is a very talented batsman, the way he bats and composes his innings was good to see. Hope he'll continue. Our seamers have been very good, execution was good and all of them bowled really well."

Deepak Chahar (Player of the Match and Player of the Series)"I hadn't thought something like this would happen, delighted. I've just been wanting to work hard, it's all god's help that I'm here. The plan was to bowl upfront with the new ball. I was told I'll be bowling the crucial overs. Happy the team management gave me that responsibility."

22:47 hrs IST: WICKETS! That's it. India win by 30 runs, seal series 2-0. Chahar takes a hat-trick and finishes with 6/7 - best figures in T20Is. What a moment! 

22:44 hrs IST: Nine runs off Khaleel's fourth. Bangladesh are 144/8, need 31 off 6

22:38 hrs IST: OUT! Fourth wicket for Chahar as Shafiul flat-bats this straight to Rahul at long-on. Bangladesh are 135/8, need 40 off 12. Khaleel comes back into the attack 

22:32 hrs IST: OUT! Mahmudullah (8) steps out for a big shot, can't get to the pitch and the middle stump is knocked over. Chahal's 50th wicket in T20Is, and Bangladesh are crumbling. Shafiul Islam comes to the crease. Bangladesh are 131/7, need 44 off 18. Chahar comes back into the attack 

22:24 hrs IST: WICKETS! Dube's twin-strike puts India ahead (for now). Removes Naim (81) and Afif (0). Enormous pressure on Bangladesh now. This over could very well be the turning point of the contest. Bangladesh are 126/6 after 17 overs, need 49 off 24. Chahal comes back into the attack 

22:16 hrs IST: FOUR! Length ball from Khaleel, outside off, and Naim hits this over cover. One bounce to the ropes. Nine off the over. Bangladesh are 125/4 after 16 overs, need 50 off 30 

22:08 hrs IST: OUT! The change of pace has done the trick for Dube. Length ball, slower one, Mushfiqur looks to work this towards third man but gets an inside edge straight onto the stumps. Big wicket for India. Mahmudullah comes to the crease. Bangladesh are 116/4, need 59 off 36. Khaleel comes back into the attack 

22:01 hrs IST: OUT! Mithun (27) has holed out to long-off. Chahar is delighted. Slower delivery, the Bangladeshi backed away to clear the ropes but got the toe-end. Easy catch for Rahul. Mushfiqur Rahim comes to the crease. Bangladesh are 110/3, need 65 off 42. Dube comes back into the attack 

21:53 hrs IST: Thirty-two runs off the last two overs. Bangladesh are 106/2 after 12 overs, need 69 off 48. Naim 70*, Mithun 26*. The tourists are cruising after a tough first five overs. Chahar comes back into the attack  

21:44 hrs IST: FOUR! Good length delivery from Dube, on off, and Naim slaps this past the non-striker off the back foot for a boundary. 11 off the over. Bangladesh are 74/2, need 101 off 60. Naim 48*, Mithun 16*

21:37 hrs IST: Forty-four runs off the last 24 balls. Bangladesh are 62/2 after 9 overs. Naim 42*, Mithun 11*. Things are only going to get tougher for India as the bowlers may find it difficult to grip the ball. Dube comes back into the attack 

21:29 hrs IST: FOUR! Short of a length delivery from Dube, outside off, Naim uses the pace on this ball and cuts beautifully past backward point for a boundary. Expensive over from Dube, 12 off it. Bangladesh are 45/2 after 7 overs. Naim 32*, Mithun 4*

21:23 hrs IST: FOUR! Length ball from Chahal, on off, and Naim slaps this behind point for a boundary. Costly over from the leggie, 15 off it. Bangladesh are 33/2 after 6 overs. Naim 22*, Mithun 2*. Shivam Dube comes into the attack 

21:19 hrs IST: Another fine over from the offspinner, five off it. Bangladesh are 18/2. Naim 8*, Mithun 1*. Yuzvendra Chahal to bowl the final over of the Powerplay

21:16 hrs IST: Outstanding over from Khaleel, just one off it. Bangladesh are 13/2 after 4 overs. Naim 4*, Mithun 0*. Sundar comes back into the attack

21:10 hrs IST: WICKETS! Chahar gets the better of Liton (9) and Soumya (0). Was on a hat-trick but Mohammad Mithun negotiated that delivery. Just the kind of start Rohit Sharma would've wanted from his bowlers. Bangladesh (12/2) have only chased a score higher than 175 successfully only once (215 v Sri Lanka, Nidahas Trophy 2018). Khaleel comes back into the attack 

21:02 hrs IST: Solid over from Sundar, only three off it. Bangladesh are 11/0 after 2 overs. Liton 9*, Naim 2*. Deepak Chahar comes into the attack 

20:58 hrs IST: FOUR! Juicy half-volley from Khaleel, outside off, and Liton drives it straight past the mid-off fielder for a boundary. Bangladesh are 8/0 after the first over. Washington Sundar comes into the attack 

20:53 hrs IST: Welcome to the second innings. Liton Das on strike. Khaleel Ahmed to begin proceedings

20:43 hrs IST: That's it. India finish on 174/5. India will be happy with the total but they will know the dew will aid the visitors. Pandey's cameo ensured that India didn't lose the momentum in the final overs. We'll be back soon with the chase

20:37 hrs IST: Extremely good over from Al-Amin, only six off it. India are 163/5 after 19 overs. Pandey 14*, Dube 6*. Mustafizur comes back into the attack 

20:31 hrs IST: FOUR! Touch short from Shafiul, Pandey made room and ramps it between the keeper and short third man. 13 off the over. India are 157/5 after 18 overs. Pandey 12*, Dube 2*. Al-Amin to bowl the penultimate over 

20:27 hrs IST: WICKETS! Slower delivery from Soumya, Pant (6) misses it completely and the stumps are rattled. Iyer (62) too departs. Didn't get the power and ends up hitting straight to the fielder (Liton Das) at long-off. Soumya finishes with 2/29. Manish Pandey and Shivam Dube are at the crease. India are 144/5 after 17 overs. Shafiul comes back into the attack 

20:20 hrs IST: FOUR! Short ball from Mustafizur, and Iyer pulls this over the fielder at short fine leg for a boundary. 10 off the over. India are 139/3 after 16 overs. Iyer 58*, Pant 6*. Soumya comes back into the attack 

20:14 hrs IST: SIX, SIX, SIX! Iyer on fire. Scores his maiden fifty off just 27 balls. Huge cheer from the crowd and the dressing room. Excellent knock from the Mumbaikar! Pant walks up to congratulate him. Still a lot of work remains to be done. India are 129/3 after 15 overs. Pant 5*. Mustafizur comes back into the attack

20:08 hrs IST: SIX! Fullish length from Soumya, and Iyer smacks it over deep midwicket boundary for a maximum. Monstrous hit! Expensive over from Soumya, 12 off it. India are 109/3 after 14 overs. Iyer 31*, Pant 4*. Afif Hossain comes into the attack

20:04 hrs IST: OUT! Rahul (52) looks to play the lofted shot through the line but gets this off the bottom of the bat. A legcutter, so the ball didn't come on. Still a wonderful knock! Rishabh Pant comes to the crease. A crucial game for him. India are 97/3 after 13 overs. Iyer 21*

19:58 hrs IST: A short and wide delivery from Soumya, Rahul cuts it to deep backward point for a brace. Completes his sixth half-century in T20Is. Can he get past the three-figure mark? India are 94/2 after 12 overs. Iyer 20*. Al-Amin comes back into the attack 

19:52 hrs IST: SIX! Tossed up from Aminul, on middle, Iyer clears his front leg, and hammers it over the bowler's head for a maximum. Hits a boundary off the next ball. Whipped it away using his wrists through mid-wicket. Great over for India, 16 off it. They are 87/2 after 11 overs. Rahul 46*, Iyer 19*. Soumya comes back into the attack

19:48 hrs IST: FOUR! Full ball from Mustafizur, outside off, and Rahul lifts a drive over cover for a boundary. Sublime! Superb display for the India No. 3. Moves into 40s. Another costly over from the Bangladesh pace bowler, 12 off it. India are 71/2 after 10 overs. Iyer 8*. 

19:43 hrs IST: Another solid over, this time from Aminul. Five off it. India are 59/2 after 9 overs. Rahul 31*, Iyer 6*. Mustafizur comes back into the attack 

19:39 hrs IST: Fine over from Soumya, just five off it. India are 54/2 after 8 overs. Rahul 27*, Iyer 5*

19:35 hrs IST: FOUR! Length ball from Aminul, outside off, Rahul rocks back and cut it through backward point for a boundary. Eight off the over. India are 49/2 after 7 overs. Rahul 24*, Iyer 3*. Soumya Sarkar comes into the attack 

19:30 hrs IST: OUT! Length from Shafiul, on middle, Dhawan (19) dances down the track and goes through with his shot too early, but the ball hits bottom part of the bat. Mahmudullah takes a sharp catch running back to his left from mid-on. Shreyas Iyer, the new batsman, gets an extra life with Aminul Islam making a mess of a straight chance at backward point. India are 41/2 after 6 overs.

19:24 hrs IST: FOUR! Length delivery from Mustafizur, on off, Dhawan gets into position early and pulls this fiercely through square leg. He's just expressing himself! Expensive over from Mustafizur, nine off it. India are 34/1 after 5 overs. Dhawan 19*, Rahul 12*. Shafiul again

19:19 hrs IST: FOUR! Back of a length ball from Shafiul, outside off, Rahul waits before playing the cut shot through point for a boundary. Another good over for India, 12 off it. They are 25/1 after 4 overs. Rahul 12*, Dhawan 11*. First change in bowling. Mustafizur Rahman comes into the attack 

19:14 hrs IST: FOUR! Full delivery from Al-Amin, on leg stump, Dhawan clears his front leg before lifting it over mid-on for a boundary. Shot! Costly over from the Bangladeshi, 10 off it. India are 13/1 after 3 overs. Dhawan 10*, Rahul 1*

19:10 hrs IST: OUT! Massive wicket. Length ball from Shafiul, on off, Rohit looks to hit it straight, but the ball angles in and takes the inside edge before shattering the leg stump. A wicket-maiden from the Bangladesh pace bowler. KL Rahul comes to the crease. India are 3/1 after 2 overs. Al-Amin to continue

19:04 hrs IST: Nice and tidy start from Al-Amin. India are 3/0 after the first over. Rohit 2*, Dhawan 1*. Shafiul Islam comes back into the attack. He has taken two wickets so far in the series. 

19:00 hrs IST: Time for live action. Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan are at the crease. Al-Amin Hossain to open the attack. Let's play! 

18:35 hrs IST: Playing XIs 

India: Rohit Sharma(c), Shikhar Dhawan, Lokesh Rahul, Shreyas Iyer, Manish Pandey, Rishabh Pant(w), Shivam Dube, Washington Sundar, Deepak Chahar, Yuzvendra Chahal, K Khaleel Ahmed

Bangladesh: Liton Das, Mohammad Naim, Soumya Sarkar, Mushfiqur Rahim(w), Mahmudullah(c), Afif Hossain, Mohammad Mithun, Aminul Islam, Shafiul Islam, Mustafizur Rahman, Al-Amin Hossain

18:31 hrs IST: Bangladesh have won the toss and have opted to field 

The all-important toss in 10 minutes! One series-decider - New Zealand v England - has already treated us with a Super Over today. Same situation in Nagpur? 

17:52 hrs IST: Bangladesh, like India, stuck with the same XI in the first two T20s. They don't have any major reasons to make changes, though an extra spinner in Taijul Islam could come in handy given the slow nature of the Nagpur pitch. 

17:30 hrs IST: Shreyas Iyer, slowly and steadily, is sealing the No. 4 spot but Shikhar Dhawan's form is a cause for concern. There may be a slight chance that India promote KL Rahul to open and give Manish Pandey a chance in the middle-order with Iyer moving up to the No. 3 slot.

Meanwhile, Kento Momota won his 10th title of a remarkable year (2019) as Japan's World No. 1 defeated Chou Tien-chen to retain his Fuzhou China Open crown. Momota battled past Taiwan's World No. 2 Chou 21-15, 17-21, 21-18 in a repeat of last year's final.

17:12 hrs IST: "Keep your eyes away" from Rishabh Pant, allow him some breathing space, and maybe, for a change, not focus on that fluffed stumping chance in Rajkot or that poor DRS review in Delhi, said Rohit Sharma. Interesting one! READ HERE 

16:53 hrs IST: Having conceded 81 runs in eight overs across the first two T20s, Khaleel Ahmed has been the one misfiring component of an India attack that Bangladesh have otherwise found hard to get away for fours and sixes. Get a feeling the left-arm pace bowler could be left out of the playing XI today. Shardul Thakur, who replaced the injured Navdeep Saini, is likely to be given an opportunity. 

16:37 hrs IST: STAT ATTACK - Yuzvendra Chahal needs four wickets to go past R Ashwin and become India's most prolific T20I bowler. Chahal currently has 49 in 33 games at 20.89.

16:15 hrs IST: WHAT THEY SAID - 

Rohit Sharma - "There's a lot of talk happening about Rishabh Pant every single day. I feel he needs to be allowed to do what he wants to do. I would request everyone to keep your eyes away from him. He's a young guy trying to make his mark. Every move he makes, people start talking about it and it's not fair. We have to focus on him when he's doing good things as well. He's just trying to do what the team management wants him to do. If you keep your eyes away from him, that'll help him perform well as well."

Russell Domingo - "I don't think we are ever going to be a West Indian or England type of batting line-up with guys who can get the ball out of the ground. Just physically we are not that type of team. Afif, Mosaddek and Liton are small boys, we all are trying to get the guys being smart. We are trying to use the pace, running hard between the wickets, getting gaps, picking up twos; six twos in an over is as good as two sixes. We are working on our other strengths."

16:04 hrs IST: Hello and welcome to Outlook's live coverage of the third and final T20 between India and Bangladesh. Promises to be an exciting contest! The hosts will look to quell Bangladesh's hopes of a historic series win. 


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