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England Vs West Indies, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Highlights: Joe Root, Pacers Power ENG To Big Win Over WI

An unbeaten century from Joe Root and three wickets each from Mark Wood and Jofra Archer helped England crush West Indies by eight wickets in a ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 fixture at The Rose Bowl, Southampton on Friday. Catch highlights of England Vs West Indies here

England Vs West Indies, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Highlights: Joe Root, Pacers Power ENG To Big Win Over WI
Joe Root in action during the 2019 Cricket World Cup match between England and West Indies at The Rose Bowl, Southampton on Friday. | Twitter
England Vs West Indies, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Highlights: Joe Root, Pacers Power ENG To Big Win Over WI

England defeated West Indies by eight wickets in a ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 game at The Rose Bowl, Southampton on Friday. After being asked to bat first, Windies couldn't get a partnership going and were bowled out for 212 in 44.4 overs. Jofra Archer and Mark Wood scalped three each, while Joe Root took two. In reply, England, despite injuries to skipper Eoin Morgan (Back Spasm) and Jason Roy (Hamstring), reached the target in 33.1 overs. Root, who opened the innings in Roy's absence, remained unbeaten on 100. This was England's third win in the tournament. Get highlights of England Vs West Indies here (SCORECARD | POINTS TABLE | SCHEDULE & RESULTS)

21:52 hrs IST: That's it. Thank you for joining us! 

Joe Root, Player of the Match: "It was a really good toss to have won today, and it was good to take the opportunity and use the conditions. Rest of the guys helped build big partnerships. (On opening) It's just nice to get some time in the park. Tried to hit the gaps, and it's not much difference between opening and lower down. The way Woakes also came in and batted was very good. We spent two days in the indoor nets and (played) plenty of short stuff there. You need to have the method and you need to back yourself to do it. We pride ourselves in having our basics covered.”

21:42 hrs IST: FOUR! That's it. England win by eight wickets, their third victory in the tournament. Top innings from Root! Not to forget his two wickets

21:38 hrs IST: Single and that's a century for Root, second in this World Cup. Masterclass! Short delivery from Thomas and he pulls it to deep fine leg for a single

21:31 hrs IST: OUT! Woakes falls to Gabriel. Undone by a short delivery. Ben Stokes comes to the crease. England are 200/2 after 32 overs

21:23 hrs IST: Three runs off Thomas' fifth. England are 193/1 after 31 overs. Root 93*, Woakes 40*

21:16 hrs IST: Twelve off the previous two overs. England are 190/1 after 30 overs. Root 92*, Woakes 40*. Time for drinks! 

21:08 hrs IST: FOUR! Short delivery from Brathwaite and Woakes pulls in the gap between deep backward square leg and deep mid-wicket. England are 178/1 after 28 overs. Root 83*, Woakes 37*

21:01 hrs IST: Six runs off Brathwaite's fourth. England are 166/1 after 26 overs. Root 79*, Woakes 29*

20:53 hrs IST: Nine runs off the last 12 balls. England are 155/1 after 24 overs. Root 76*, Woakes 22*

20:45 hrs IST: FOUR! Short delivery from Brathwaite and Root times it in the gap between fine leg and deep backward square leg. England are 146/1 after 22 overs. 

20:41 hrs IST: Great start from Gayle, gives away only one run. England are 139/1 after 21 overs. Root 68*, Woakes 17*

20:36 hrs IST: FOUR! Majestic shot from Root. Short from Thomas and the Englishman pulls away through mid-wicket. Moves to 68. England are 138/1 after 20 overs. Chris Gayle comes into the attack. 

20:26 hrs IST: Single and that's fifty for Root. What an innings! Calm and composed. No risky shot at all. Needs to stay till the end. England are 115/1 after 18 overs. 

20:22 hrs IST: FOUR! Short ball from Gabriel and Woakes clobbers through mid-wicket. Moves into double-figures. England are 112/1 after 17 overs. 

20:17 hrs IST: 110 runs required. With Stokes and Buttler still to come, it shouldn't be difficult for the hosts. But a couple of quick wickets can change things drastically

20:13 hrs IST: FOUR! Pitched up from Gabriel and Woakes drives it past the bowler for his first boundary. England are 100/1 after 15 overs. 

20:11 hrs IST: For our viewers, Roy has tightness in his left hamstring while Morgan has a back spasm

20:06 hrs IST: OUT! Much-needed breakthrough for Windies. Gabriel gets Bairstow for 45(46). Chris Woakes comes to the crease. Guess we'll see Morgan and Bairstow at No. 6 and 7 respectively (only if they are required). 

19:58 hrs IST: Just three runs off Gabriel's third. England are 83/0 after 13 overs. 

19:53 hrs IST: Costly over from Holder, 11 off it. England are 80/0 after 12 overs. Root 37*, Bairstow 37*

19:49 hrs IST: Bairstow hit on the helmet but he's fine. Meanwhile, Russell has gone off the field. Knee injury once again

19:46 hrs IST: FOUR! Short of length from Russell and Bairstow just helps it over the fielder at second slip. England are 69/0 after 11 overs. Root 37*, Bairstow 27*

19:41 hrs IST: Very good over from Holder, only one run off it. England are 62/0 after the end of first Powerplay. 

19:35 hrs IST: Nine runs off the last two overs. England are 61/0 after 9 overs. Root 36*, Bairstow 21*. Windies in desperate need of wickets here. Another change in bowling. Jason Holder comes into the attack. 

19:26 hrs IST: Bowling change. Shannon Gabriel is into the attack. A couple off the first ball as Root plays it to short fine leg, another couple off the third, this time to third man. Then a bouncer, hitting the grill. A wide and a single. England are 46/0 after 7 overs.

19:21 hrs IST: Thomas continues. Bairstow hits the first ball for a boundary. A brilliant straight drive. Another four, off the fourth ball, hit by Root through cover. England are 40/0 after 6 overs.

19:15 hrs IST: Six runs off Cottrell's third. England are 30/0 after 5 overs. Bairstow 15*, Root 14* 

19:11 hrs IST: FOUR! Touch short from Thomas and Root pulls over square leg. Great shot! England are 24/0 after 4 overs. 

19:07 hrs IST: FOUR! Half-volley from Cottrell and Bairstow drives it through cover. England are 17/0 after 3 overs. 

19:02 hrs IST: FOUR! Short and wide from Thomas and Bairstow hits it past point for his first boundary of the day. England are 9/0 after 2 overs. Cottrell to continue. 

18:58 hrs IST: Neat and tidy bowling by Cottrell. England are 3/0 after the first over. Oshane Thomas comes into the attack. 

18:54 hrs IST: Time for England's chase. Jonny Bairstow and Joe Root to open. Sheldon Cottrell to bowl the first over. 

18:23 hrs IST: OUT! Full and straight from Wood - you miss, I hit! Third wicket for him too. Windies have bowled out for 212 in 44.4 overs. We'll be back in a few minutes with England's response

18:16 hrs IST: OUT! Third wicket for Archer, removes Brathwaite. Shannon Gabriel comes to the crease. West Indies are 211/9 after 44 overs

18:08 hrs IST: Splendid over from Archer, only one run off it. West Indies are 204/8 after 42 overs. 

18:02 hrs IST: Meanwhile, England captain Morgan has also left the field. Doesn't look comfortable. Limped off. Remember, England are playing six specialist batsmen today

17:59 hrs IST: OUT! Two in two for Archer but he misses a hattrick. Gets the better of Pooran and Cottrell. This is exceptional from England bowlers. Very less chance that the West Indies will be able to bat full 50 overs. Windies are 202/8 after 40 overs

17:51 hrs IST: Single and that's 200 up for West Indies. Pooran unbeaten on 63. Should look to get a big one here. Anywhere around 290 would be a good score. 

17:43 hrs IST: A wicket and five runs off Wood's fifth. West Indies are 189/6 after 37 overs. 

17:40 hrs IST: OUT! Short delivery from Wood, Russell looks to hit it over deep mid-wicket but doesn't get the power, not even timing, and Woakes takes a neat catch. Carlos Brathwaite comes to the crease. Lot of time was left in the game. Guess Dre Russ was just too aggressive

17:36 hrs IST: FIVE WIDES! Knuckle ball from Root, gets it down the leg-side and Buttler has no chance. West Indies are 184/5 after 36 overs. Pooran 55*, Russell 17*. Mark Wood comes back into the attack. 

17:31 hrs IST: Couple of sixes from Russell, both over long-on. Happens after he's dropped by Woakes at deep mid-wicket. Unlucky Rashid. West Indies are 175/5 after 35 overs. 

17:28 hrs IST: Just three runs off Root's fourth. West Indies are 161/5 after 34 overs. Pooran 51*, Russell 3*

17:25 hrs IST: Single and that's a half-century for Pooran, his maiden in ODIs. Needs to keep going. West Indies are 158/5 after 33 overs. Root again. 

17:21 hrs IST: OUT! Another soft dismissal, Caught&Bowled. Seam-up delivery from Root, Holder looks to play it towards leg-side but gets a leading edge and a simple catch for England's Test captain. Andre Russell comes to the crease. West Indies are 156/5 after 32 overs

17:16 hrs IST: Another nice over from Rashid, only two runs off it. West Indies are 147/4 after 31 overs. Meanwhile, Roy will not field for the rest of this innings. Therefore, he'll not be able to bat until No. 7

17:13 hrs IST: OUT! Soft dismissal. Hetmyer is angry with himself. Root gets his first scalp of the match. Have to credit Rashid for this. He built pressure from the other end. Jason Holder comes to the crease. West Indies are 145/4 after 30 overs. 

17:09 hrs IST: Hetmyer finding it tough to score against Rashid. Get a feeling something is going to happen here. West Indies are 141/3 after 29 overs. 

17:06 hrs IST: Stupendous start from Joe Root, only two off his first six deliveries. West Indies are 139/3 after 28 overs. Pooran 43*, Hetmyer 37*

16:58 hrs IST: Successive boundaries from Hetmyer. Just what his side needs at this stage. Costly over from Stokes, 12 runs off it. West Indies are 130/3 after 26 overs. 

16:53 hrs IST: SIX! Rashid drops it short, Pooran rocks back and hammers it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. Looks in top form. West Indies are 118/3 after 25 overs. Pooran 36*, Hetmyer 23*

16:50 hrs IST: Fine over from Stokes, just three off it. West Indies are 106/3 after 24 overs. Pooran 24*, Hetmyer 23*

16:47 hrs IST: FOUR! Fuller delivery from Adil Rashid, Hetmyer comes down the track and hits it over the bowler's head. Expensive over from the leg-spinner, nine runs off it. West Indies are 103/3 after 23 overs. 

16:43 hrs IST: FOUR! Short ball from Stokes, Pooran looks to pull but gets a fine edge and it runs away to the fine leg boundary. West Indies are 94/3 after 22 overs. 

16:38 hrs IST: Seven from the last 12 deliveries. England continue to maintain pressure. Two more wickets and West Indies will find it tough to go past 250. They are 86/3 after 21 overs. Pooran 16*, Hetmyer 13*

16:30 hrs IST: Four runs off Plunkett's fifth. West Indies are 79/3 after 19 overs. Ben Stokes comes into the attack. 

16:26 hrs IST: Dot ball to end the over. Hetmyer struggling with his timing. Needs to be patient as the Windies can't afford to lose more wickets. Wood: 4-0-6-1. West Indies are 75/3 after 18 overs. 

The fall and fall of West Indies Cricket: Joel Garner, Curtly Ambrose, Chanderpaul aghast at Caribbean low. Once invincible in both long and short formats, the Caribbeans have lost their aura over the years. Read full story here 

16:21 hrs IST: FOUR! Touch short from Plunkett, Hetmyer gets into position early and pulls it over the fielder at mid-wicket. Plenty of power in that shot. West Indies are 73/3 after 17 overs. 

16:17 hrs IST: Wonderful over from Wood, only one off it. West Indies are 61/3 after 16 overs. Pooran 3*, Hetmyer 3*. Windies in need of a big partnership here. 

16:12 hrs IST: Roy has tightness in his left hamstring. He is being assessed by physio.

16:10 hrs IST: Another solid over from Plunkett, four off it. West Indies are 60/3 after 15 overs. Time for drinks! 

16:06 hrs IST: Outstanding over from Wood, a wicket and just two runs. West Indies are 56/3 after 14 overs. Plunkett to continue. 

16:03 hrs IST: OUT! Full delivery from Wood that comes in sharply, Hope looks to flick but misses and the ball hits his pad, in front of middle-stump. Initial decision was not out but Eoin Morgan reviews and UltraEdge shows no bat. West Indies in all sorts of trouble now. Shimron Hetmyer comes to the crease

15:58 hrs IST: OUT! Just the wicket England would've wanted. Short from Plunkett, Gayle goes for the pull but doesn't get the timing and Jonny Bairstow does the rest at deep square leg. Nicholas Pooran comes to the crease. West Indies are 54/2 after 13 overs

15:53 hrs IST: Great over from Wood, only one off it. West Indies are 47/1 after 12 overs. WARNING - Gayle shouldn't be give a second chance, but England have done the opposite. Another 4-5 overs and we could see the 'Universe Boss' smacking it consistently all around the park. 

15:49 hrs IST: Decent start from Plunkett. Single off the last ball for Gayle. West Indies are 46/1 after 11 overs. Gayle 35*, Hope 6*. Another changes in bowling. Mark Wood comes into the attack. 

15:45 hrs IST: Tidy over from Archer, just three off it. West Indies are 41/1 after 10 overs. Liam Plunkett comes into the attack. 

15:41 hrs IST: SIX! Full delivery from Woakes and Gayle smashes it straight down the ground for a maximum. Easy pickings! West Indies are 38/1 after 9 overs. Gayle 32*, Hope 2*

15:37 hrs IST: Jason Roy is leaving the field. Seems to have hurt his hamstring. England will hope the injury isn't serious

15:35 hrs IST: FOUR! Banged in short from Archer and Gayle hits it through mid-wicket. Moves into 20s. Five off the over. West Indies are 26/1 after 8 overs. 

15:30 hrs IST: DROPPED! Wood misses a chance at third-man. Covered good ground but couldn't gather it. Still an excellent over from Woakes, only two runs off it. West Indies are 21/1 after 7 overs. 

15:26 hrs IST: Consecutive boundaries from Gayle. The first one was hit straight past the bowler, second was pulled over for mid-wicket. Costly over from Archer, 11 runs off it. West Indies are 19/1 after 6 overs. 

15:21 hrs IST: Woakes continues to keep things tight. Another maiden. West Indies are 8/1 after 5 overs. Gayle 5*, Hope 0*

15:17 hrs IST: FOUR! First boundary for Gayle. Not in the most convincing fashion but he'll take it. Thick inside edge and it runs away to fine leg. Archer isn't happy. West Indies are 8/1 after 4 overs. 

15:13 hrs IST: OUT! Fuller delivery from Woakes, the ball gets past Lewis, off his pads and crahes onto the stumps. First wicket for the England pacer. Shai Hope comes to the crease. Great start for the hosts. Early break is always crucial. West Indies are 4/1 after 3 overs. Archer to continue. 

15:08 hrs IST: Magnificent from Archer. Gets that extra bounce and some movement too. West Indies are 2/0 after 2 overs. Gayle yet to open his account. Lewis 1*

15:04 hrs IST: Superb start from Woakes. Couple of unplayable deliveries. It's difficult to keep Gayle quiet but the Englishman has done it (at least for now). Maiden over. West Indies are 0/0 after the first over. Jofra Archer comes into the attack. 

15:00 hrs IST: Time for live action. Chris Gayle to take strike. Chris Woakes to begin the proceedings. 

14:37 hrs IST: Playing XIs

West Indies: Chris Gayle, Evin Lewis, Shai Hope(w), Nicholas Pooran, Shimron Hetmyer, Jason Holder(c), Andre Russell, Carlos Brathwaite, Sheldon Cottrell, Shannon Gabriel, Oshane Thomas

England: Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Jos Buttler(w), Ben Stokes, Chris Woakes, Liam Plunkett, Jofra Archer, Adil Rashid, Mark Wood

14:33 hrs IST: England have won the toss and have opted to field.

14:11 hrs IST: Toss in 20 minutes. Meanwhile, India and New Zealand's Cricket World Cup match was abandoned without a ball being bowled on Thursday as the weather caused further disruption. It was the fourth abandonment at this year's tournament, and the third in four days.

14:06 hrs IST: Both teams ended at 2-2 in their high-scoring five-match ODI series in February with one game being a washout. The series, which took place in the Caribbean islands, saw sensational performances from Chris Gayle, who smashed as many 39 sixes and amassed 424 runs in four innings.

14:02 hrs IST: GOOD NEWS! 

13:58 hrs IST: WHAT THEY SAID - 

England skipper Morgan: "[Archer] won't know how it will feel until he plays the game. I think being in that position myself [being born in the Republic of Ireland] it does feel different the first time you play against a side that either you could have potentially played for or played for. But I'm sure he will handle it like he's handled everything else so far."

Windies captain Holder: "I have seen Jofra over the years. He is obviously a Barbadian. He's grown up in Barbados playing cricket so what I'm seeing of Jofra doesn't surprise me. He is one of those guys who has always had ability and talent. It is just unfortunate how things went in terms of his decision making, but he is a good talent."

13:51 hrs IST: England have won their last five Cricket World Cup matches against West Indies

13:40 hrs IST: BIG NUMBER - Chris Gayle (1,596) needs 24 runs to become the leading run-scorer in ODIs between England and West Indies. Viv Richards is currently at the top of the list with 1,619 runs.

13:26 hrs IST: STAT ATTACK - England have won 11 of their last 13 completed ODIs against West Indies. 

13:15 hrs IST: Hello and welcome to Outlook's live coverage of the 2019 Cricket World Cup game between hosts England and two-time champions West Indies. 

All-rounder Andre Russell, who has had knee issues, was not named in the playing XI against South Africa. It remains to be seen if he regains full fitness for the England clash.

England too had their fitness issues with Jos Buttler hurting his right hip against Bangladesh but coach Trevor Bayliss said he is expected to be fit. Jofra Archer is set to take centre stage, having represented West Indies at Under-19 level but switched loyalties due to his British passport and residency.

West Indies’ electric bowling attack has caught the eye at this World Cup but Jason Holder insists it's their brains – instead of their brawn – that allows them to flourish.

The Caribbean side have already shown what they are capable of in this tournament, bowling Pakistan out for just 105 thanks to a barrage of fast deliveries en route to a seven-wicket win in their opening game.

With pace in abundance from the likes of Oshane Thomas, Andre Russell and Sheldon Cottrell, the West Indies’ bowlers have the capacity to worry every team.

And Holder believes it is their ability to outfox batsman outside of the powerplays which has sparked an upturn in form since the last ICC Cricket World Cup – a four-year period in which they did not win an ODI series.

“We've been getting wickets. I think previously we haven't been getting wickets in the middle,” he said. “We have always got wickets with the new ball. But previously we haven't been able to get wickets in the middle overs.

“And it's been the talking point over the last couple of months in one-day cricket and now in this tournament we have been able to get wickets in the middle overs which has definitely broken the back of most teams.

“I think if we continue in that vain, we will be a force to be reckoned with but we have to take it game by game.

“This game against England, as I said before, is a very, very important game and we have just got to dot all of our Is and cross the Ts.”

With Monday’s match against South Africa washed out, this match has taken on an even greater importance for the West Indies.

The fickle English weather has been a concern in this World Cup but rain is predicted to stay away for the majority of the contest.


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