September 21, 2020
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'Take All The Four Shankaracharyas Along'

The Shankaracharya of Dwarka and Jyotishpeeth is quite annoyed with the ongoing Ayodhya initiative and says that a solution can only be found by Hindus and Muslims through discussions, and that it is beyond the powers of any one Shankaracharya. He s

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'Take All The Four Shankaracharyas Along'
'Take All The Four Shankaracharyas Along'

Your views on the recent initiative for solution of the Ayodhya issue?

I feel that the central government is making political use of Jayendra Saraswati. The Prime Minister recently said that the solution to Ayodhya issue can  only be found by keeping it away from politics. But it is clearly evident from the recent discussions that politics is not separate from it. Not only does it involve abandoning the Kashi-Mathura issue in lieu of Ayodhya, but also hundreds of mosques under the ASI. Obviously, Jayendra Saraswati alone cannot pull it off. Actually the central government wants to act like it has found the solution to the Ayodhya issue before the elections.

What would you say about Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati's role?

He is being used politically. The central government has made him into a political tool for its selfish gains. He is being touted as the most popular Shankaracharya. Whereas this is not the case.

Then what should have been done?

It is common knowledge that according to the Shastras and traditions, the country has four peeths. Govardhan in the East, Dwarka in the West, Jyotirmath (Jyotirpeeth) in the North and Sringeri in the South. Jayendra Saraswati is from the Sringeri peeth. The attempts to find a solution to this issue can be successful only if the government makes an effort to take all the four Shankaracharyas along. This is a matter between Hindus and Muslims. Only the religious heads  from both the communities can solve it. I just had a telephonic conversation with Mahant Gyandas of Ayodhya. He also says that the agreement cannot be reached without me.

Should the Hindus abandon the issue of claims over Mathura-Kashi for Ayodhya?

It would be difficult to find a solution to this issue through a struggle. There is no objection to abandoning them for Ayodhya  in the interest of the country, religion and peace. Why just Kashi and Mathura, the country has some three hundred such temples over which mosques have been built. Now where all will the two communities keep fighting?

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