April 18, 2021
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'The Greatest Failure Of The Government Of India.

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'The Greatest Failure Of The Government Of India.

Vajpayeeji initiated the historic bus diplomacy to Lahore and signed the Lahore Declaration in which it was resolved to find solution to all the problems concerning Jammu and Kashmir. But, what was the outcome of this Lahore visit – the Kargil war ensued which took a toll of more than 5000 brave soldiers.

The Prime Minister called General Musharraf on telephone and congratulated him before he had anointed himself as the President of Pakistan. Was he under the impression that this will help the Indo-Pak Summit Level Talks to succeed? He was the first person to have granted recognition to General Musharraf as the President of Pakistan. Whereas, that country has earned notoriety as a terrorist state.

I do agree that mutual negotiations can help solve any problem but we shall have to judge what type are the people we are talking to. Thousands of people were killed during the Kargil war. Numberless mothers lost their sons, sister they brothers and many women became widows. General Musharraf, who was directly responsible for this, was invited to talk.

The Leader of our party had fore-warned that the summit level talks between India and Pakistan were destined to meet a failure. Despite his warning, the General was invited. The autocratic President of Pakistan is labeling the cross-border terrorism in Kashmir as ‘Jehad’ or freedom struggle. Does the killing of innocent people justify the so called jehad? I do not think that any religious scripture can justify it as jehad.

General Musharraf visited our country with the sole agenda of Kashmir. Whereas on the other hand, there was no agenda on our side for the talks. On the one hand, we declare a unilateral cease-fire and on the other, most of our soldiers are killed during this period.

It is quite deplorable that General Musharraf came to our country and let us down. Our first priority should be to eradicate terrorism from our land once for all. It is due to this malaise that Pakistan has been able to internationalise the issue of Kashmir and here lies the greatest failure of the Government of India.

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