April 22, 2021
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Welcome To Master Chef Table With Gary Mehigan

Master Chef Gary Mehigan talks about food, South Australian produce, his love for Indian cuisine and more.

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Welcome To Master Chef Table With Gary Mehigan
Australian MasterChef Gary Mehigan
Welcome To Master Chef Table With Gary Mehigan

Australian Master Chef Gary Mehigan was recently in Delhi to host a delicious menu with produce from South of Australia. As a part of the Masterclass, Gary demonstrated a variety of dishes using fresh produce from the state of South Australia. Known as one of the best celebrity chefs in the world Gary who was in town talked about how chefs are putting more emphasis on local produce.

He rustled up dishes beginning with the delicious South Australian cheese, red veined sorrel, roasted walnuts, Kangaroo Island honeyed figs and quince paste on a cracker followed by Kingfish brined with salt with furikake (a dry Japanese seasoning)  crusted avocado, shiso and caper leaves, crispy garlic with yuzu soy sesame dressing. The multiple flavours of the dishes will transport you to a food heaven.

South Australian cheese, red veined sorrel, roasted walnuts, honeyed figs, and quince paste on a flaxseed cracker

The third dish was crispy prawns with green rice flakes, pomelo (largest citrus fruit) and Vietnamese dressing and the final dessert dish was the delectable yogurt ice-cream with almond cake topped with Kangaroo Island sticky figs and quondong fruit.

 Crispy prawns with green rice flakes and water chestnut

He also spoke about his love for South Australian cuisine and gave us a sneak-peak into some of his favourite dining experiences in South Australia like Orana, a fine dine restaurant in Adelaide  serving fresh South Australian produce using indigenous ingredients and Maggie Beer’s Farmshop in Barossa.

Gary revealed that South Australia is home to a wealth of world class food and wine offerings and the capital city of Adelaide is a gateway to 18 distinctive, world renowned wine regions in the State. He said, “Australian food is high on texture. We love gooey, crunchy and spicy food which is very similar to Indian cuisine.”

Talking about Indian food, he said, “Indian dishes are known to be smothered with spices. They have about 32 spices, but I use only four of them. I have also started loving the tandoori Indian dishes. My all time favourite are South Indian breads like idli, dosa and uttapam.”

Gary also spoke about the wine blending experience at Jacob’s creek Barossa. The unique Blend experience combined a social wine bar atmosphere where he worked one-on-one with a Jacob’s Creek winemaker to taste a number of individual grape varieties and combine them to make his very own red blend and called it Gary’s block.

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