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Chandan Mitra: A Life To Celebrate

Chandan Mitra: A Life To Celebrate

02 September, 2021 Navneet Mendiratta

While his political and editorial accomplishments tower over everything else, I remember this editor of mine to be a great storyteller, writes Navneet Mendiratta .

Are Iranian Apples Coming Via Afghanistan Killing The Indian Fruit?

Are Iranian Apples Coming Via Afghanistan Killing The Indian Fruit?

01 September, 2021 Prakash Thakur

Duty free apples from Iran have been coming to India via Afghanistan under the India - Afghanistan Free Trade Agreement for last two years. In spite of numerous petitions and representations made by the farmers of Himachal and J&K to the government of India these Iranian apples have not stopped coming. Will the Indian fruit survive the odds?

The Assaults On Atmanirbhar Bharat

Instead of supporting Indian companies for promoting the Atmanirbhar program, on the ground, state governments actively discriminate against Indian companies. This needs to be rectified urgently.

Why You Need To Get Your Heart Tested Post Covid Recovery

Why You Need To Get Your Heart Tested Post Covid Recovery

31 August, 2021 Dr Naveen Bhamri

It has been seen that the patients who have recovered from COVID-19 may be potential recipients of myocarditis which can cause long-term heart ailments.

New Monetization Policy: More Hope Than Homework

India has been privatising and monetizing assets for a long time through public-private partnerships (PPP). It is nothing new as the Congress and Co. will like us to believe.

30 August, 2021

Caste-Based Census: Why ‘Bharat Jodo’ Spirit, ‘Casteless India’ Vision Should Inspire Our Actions

Suman K Jha

The Bihar developments, with echoes in other states, have given rise to an interesting debate on social justice, affirmative action, merit, and age-old caste-based inequalities.

30 August, 2021

An Indefinite Pandemic: Tracing The Covid Impact On India’s Female Workforce

Tanya Singh

The 2021 Opportunity Index Report by LinkedIn highlights that more than 40% of women have reportedly been affected by the unnatural development of dual workload.

29 August, 2021

How Folklores Formulate Our Identities

Devina Chandola

A look into folklores' meandering existence in India’s cultural terrain

28 August, 2021

Taliban And Paedophilia: An Unwritten Code

Rajat Mitra

Afghan crisis: A return to the scourge of paedophilia—borne along by an unwritten, semi-official Talibani code— is a threat, often shrouded in denial, that few want to talk about.

27 August, 2021

A Weighty Problem Of Andaman & Nicobar Police

Satyendra Garg

When I joined Andaman and Nicobar Police as its head in December, 2020, I was not prepared for the two surprises that awaited me here. First, it was difficult to believe that the Islands Union Territory, so beautiful, had the highest overweight and obesity rates in the whole of the country.

25 August, 2021

Accelerated Digital Transformation Demands Secure-By-Design Networks

Avinash Prasad

IT security leaders need to adapt rapidly, collaborate effectively, and recalibrate their security strategies as networks get more dynamic and complex.


24 August, 2021

The Age of Robotics: How Robots Will Take Over Most Aspects Of Our Lives

Dr Jaijit Bhattacharya

Robotics is an exploding market, with new players jumping in, India has a nucleus of a very successful robotics private sector, albeit still in early stages. India must focus on growing this industry to be able to serve unique Indian requirements as well as for exports.

23 August, 2021

Is Meme Marketing The New Fad Among Digital Marketers?

Sahil Chopra

Will it continue to grow or fizzle out in a few months in India? Are large brands getting on board for this medium? Here's a look at latest trends in meme marketing.

22 August, 2021

Pastoralists, Original Livestock Keepers Of Civilisation, Pushed To Margins

Tarun Shridhar

The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that's the essence of inhumanity (from the play ‘The Devil’s Disciple‘ by George Bernard Shaw)

21 August, 2021

Whose Education Is It Anyway?

Sachin Shridhar

Why there is a rush to go abroad for the so-called 'Higher Education' by those who can afford it or very often by the hordes who have to stretch their parent’s resources to somehow manage to pay.

19 August, 2021

How New-Age Solutions In Healthcare Empowered Us?

Amit Mohan

There has been an adoption of digital solutions to avail healthcare services, increase capacity, efficiency and aid better clinical outcomes for patients.

18 August, 2021

Learning Among Fear And Suspicion

Saikat Majumdar

What we have is a long-drawn situation of conflict between the fundamental interests of society. Reopening is going to be a long and uneven process, filled with fear and suspicion, more for some than for others.


17 August, 2021

What’s Inside Your ‘Ayurvedic’ Calorie Burner And Immunity Booster?

Shyama Rajagopal

What qualifies as an Ayurvedic medicine? How are they tested? How are new ones allowed? The core pharmacological questions open up a Pandora’s box of doubts and complexities.

Photo Gallery

A farmer sits near his red chillies at a deserted APMC market, during the weekend curfew imposed by the Karnataka government to curb the spread of COVID-19, in Hubballi.

PTI Photo

Delhi Chief Minister & AAP National Convenor Arvind Kejriwal being welcomed by women supporters during his door-to-door campaign ahead of the Goa Assembly elections, in Goa.

PTI Photo

A health worker collects swab sample of a woman for COVID-19 test, amid concerns over rising Omicron cases, in Gurugram.

PTI Photo

Traffic jam on a road at Shalimar Bagh during the weekend curfew imposed by the Delhi government to curb the spread of Covid-19, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo/ Shahbaz Khan

The Lajpat Nagar market wears a deserted look during the weekend curfew imposed by the Delhi government to curb the spread of Covid-19, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo/ Shahbaz Khan

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